I always find opening posts a bit awkward…..


It’s kinda hard to know what to say when you don’t know who you are writing for so I apologize if this sounds a little contrived.

Hi, I’m Jerri. I’m 27. I live in Liverpool with my fiance (who has encouraged me for years to start a blog in order to prevent me vomiting my opinions all over him every day) and our Border Collie, Dita.


I opened a business in 2011 with the help of the Prince’s Trust, meaning I get to spend all of my time making sparkly awesomeness such as this:


And on top of that I still keep my foot in the door when it comes to my previous profession: Makeup and beauty. I spend 90% of my free time watching countless Youtube Guru’s and keeping up with Beauty Bloggers or messing about on a face (my own or some other poor buggers) and I thought the time had about come to join in. I don’t think I have anything to teach people, so I won’t be doing tutorials, but expect lots of reviews/gushing/ranting at how crap something is.

I am constantly on a diet, luckily for me I enjoy the cooking, so I suppose you can expect some updates on that too, Oh and my wedding. And my honeymoon.

So, basically, expect there to be quite a lot going on.


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