Last Day of Naughty Eating


….before the pre-wedding diet starts!!!

Being British, there is only 1 way to spend your Sunday and that is 1) cooking and 2) eating a roast. Seen as I’ve now got 3 months of healthy eating ahead of me, I thought I may aswell do this properly.

I’m a massive fan of Greek cuisine and for a while have followed Evelyn’s Recipe book on Her recipes are fantastic and lots of them are super easy to cook. I’ve been eyeing up her Greek Lamb for months and when I saw some on offer in my local supermarket yesterday thought there is no time like the present! You can check out the recipe here:

So they’ve marinaded overnight in a garlic-heavy marinade and I’ve just drained off the excess and whacked it in the oven. At the moment, it looks like this:

And it smells divine! According to the recipe, I cook the potatoes in with the meat after it’s roasted for and hour and a half.

We’re having roasted parsnips, carrot & swede and broccoli with this which are NOT recommended by Evelyn but are kind of necessary for a proper Sunday roast!


So..we’ve just eaten and it was absolutely divine! I don’t know where the recipe would stand with Slimming World- 1/3 of my plate was certainly superfree and I went out of my way to avoid stuffing and Yorkshire’s, but then the meat was marinaded in oil for 12 hours (not cooked in it though) and I had enough gravy to drown in. On the plus side, I’m too full to even contemplate dessert.

My other half moaned the whole time I cooked this that 2hrs 15 was too long to cook a half leg of lamb (he would normally have his lamb medium-rare) but I told him to have faith! Evelyn specifically comments in the recipe that in Greece lamb would only be served well done and this was definitely well done. The outside was lovely and crisp whilst the meat remained moist and juicy. Couldn’t taste the lemon or the mustard in the recipe,  i’m sure they served some purpose,  and the garlic was nowhere near as overpowering as I expected. Absolutely loved it, can’t wait to be able to eat it again 🙂


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