Review: Revitalash Advanced Conditioner


Revitalash is a daily use serum that promises to make eyelashes long and strong. It’s available in the UK from QVC and is pretty pricey- £53 before postage for 2ml (although 2mls will supposedly last 6 months).

I have to admit- had I not received this product as a sample I would never have considered buying it at that price!! Although I’m keen for my eyelashes to look good, I was always happy to use a decent mascara or cheap lashes if I wanted more drama.

Anyway, I started using this after having “weekend lashes” applied over Christmas. These things were horrible and absolutely wrecked my own eyelashes- mainly because I pulled them off before I should have. I ended up with stumpy little lashes and bald patches accross my lash line, so I decided to try this in an attempt to encourage rapid regrowth.

Boy- I wasn’t disappointed!! It took a couple of weeks for my lashes to even start growing back, but once it started they shot through. The lashes on the inside of my eye are actually that long now that I’ve had to start trimming them- when I’ve got my mascara on they tickle my nose!! Besides being longer than ever, the lashes are a lot stronger than before and I’ve noticed I lose less when removing my eye makeup (I used to have a serious problem with that). I can honestly say that my lashes are now the best they have ever been- aided, I’m sure, by the fact that I’m no longer wearing false lashes 2-3 times a week.

I’ve just returned from a week in Majorca and was confident enough to not even take my mascara away with me! I had my lashes dyed before I went and smudged a bit of vaseline on them of a night….voila.

So now, I’d definitely repurchase this stuff. In fact, I’m already panicking about what happens if I ever stop using it. All of a sudden, that £53 price tag doesn’t seem so steep- this stuff lasts 6 months so that’s only £9 per month and i’m saving money on strip lashes and trying every mascara the UK market has to offer, right? Besides- with the excuse of wanting to look perfect on my wedding day, £53 is well worth it!!

One of the downsides to the product- in the first week of use Revitalash made my eyes quite dry and itchy. I started off applying it of a night but found that I was struggling to fall asleep because my eyes were annoying me so much. After the first week, I switched to morning application and that problem ceased (or I just stopped noticing!). I can also assure you that Revitalash had no affect on my eye makeup; everything goes on fine.

My only regret is that I didn’t start taking photos when I first tried this product in order to post a proper before and after review.

Here is a photo from 1 week in:

In which you can see some legnth but my eyelashes were still quite flimsy at this point.

And now:

Of course I’m wearing mascara here and it did actually make my lashes quite clumpy, but you can hopefully see the length. With lashes this long and sturdy, I definitely wouldn’t bother with fiddly false lashes!

REVITALASH: Available from QVC UK


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