NOTD: Schoolgirl Grey



I have a bit of a cheek calling these “Nails of the Day” when they are more likely to become a weekly thing! I’m not too fussed about my nails, they are acrylic (although I have them short so I don’t think they look particularly false or garish) and I paint them once a week if they are lucky.

Also, considering I spend so much money on makeup and skincare, 9/10 of my nail products will be drugstore buys and I can guarantee that the other 1/10 will be a gift from someone!

This is Wham! by Collection 2000. I tend to apply 3 coats of this brand but once on it is pretty resilient to chips and scuffs. I haven’t used a base or top coat, I don’t even own a base or top coat!!

I’ve had this colour for a few years but I still go back to it, thee is something interestingly boring about it. Plus, I think it’s a bit more summery than a standard black, which is my other nail colour of choice.


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