Beauty: My Daily Essentials


I get asked for recommendations all the time on what products I use for what and why, so thought it might be a good idea for my next blog post. These are what I would consider my “Daily Essentials”: products I use near enough every day that I couldn’t live without. Let me know your thoughts on them!

1) Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser: This is, quite simply, the best cleanser I have ever used. I have greasy, spot prone skin that is also very sensitive and whilst most sensitive cleansers don’t leave my skin feeling “clean” enough, this definitely does. It dissolves all of my makeup but doesn’t strip my skin like most foaming cleansers, I even use it sometimes to clean my makeup brushes 🙂 Available from all good Philosophy stockists but I reccomend QVC- item number 217049, £27 for 473ml.

2) Piz Buin Tan + Lotion Self Tan: I can’t really be trusted to apply my own tan at home- I always seems to make a mess of it no matter how many step by step manuals I follow to getting it perfect! So when I came accross this I thought I’d start out using the palest colour and eventually, with practice, start braving some of the darker colours. Well, that worked and now I’m a tanning afficionado! I use a paler colour (3-4) a couple of days a week just to build up a gradual tan and then, when I’m going somewhere where a darker colour is called for, crank it up to the highest (8). The colour has that olive base to it that seems to suit paler skin tones and it’s great if you are planning on a holiday abroad as you won’t need to buy a second darker colour for when you get back. Simples. Available from most high-street pharmacies for around £20 for 325g but if you are lucky enough to have a Home Bargains you can sometimes pick it up for £4.99 (I stock up on it then!).

3) Avon Solutions Liquid Bra: OK, so this is one of those products that I stock up on every time it’s on offer so the packaging photographed here is out of date. Avon constantly update the name and design of their items but having used this for years in all of it’s many forms I can confirm that it’s always the same product inside!! It’s currently listed as Solutions Body Lift and Firm Bust Liquid Bra and the RRP is £10 although I’m sure we all know if you wait for the next campaign you’ll probably get a better deal (I’ve got 3 of these for £10 before). I have pretty big boobs and since a young age have been paranoid about them becoming saggy, so I started using this when I was about 21. It immediately makes boobs feel “tighter” and although I have no evidence that it improves the elasticity of my chessums, I dread to think what they’d be like if I hadn’t used this for 6 years!!

4) Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream: This has been my choice of day cream for almost 8 years now and I can safely say that I don’t see me changing any time soon. This moisturiser is light but hydrating and doesn’t cause any unsightly spots or eczema break outs (hurrah!). It does have a downfall though- no SPF!! Which is a shame really as other than that it’s practically perfect in every way. Available from all Elemis stockists but I prefer to buy mine from (you’ve guessed it) QVC (217769) from £50 for 30ml (but check the entire Elemis section of the QVC UK site as they have some really great duos and gift sets available).

5) Avon Anew Clinical Derma-Full Pro Deep Wrinkle Concentrate: I honestly have no idea how or why I ended up with this product but it had been sat in my stash for a while when just after Xmas 2011 I noticed a few little lines around my eyes! Panicking, I rooted about for something to put a stop to this and came across this little miracle in a pen. I have no idea how it works but there has definitely been a remarked “plumping” affect and my little lines aren’t as bad  as they once where. Unfortunately, its only a temporary suspension of age; I forgot to take this on holiday with me and the lines were back by the end of the week. Still, a product that i’ll continue to use and regularly repurchase in the hope that Avon doesn’t discontinue it!! RRP £18, often found on special offer, no size listed online or on the packet.

6) Elemis Oxygenating Night Cream: I use this for the same reason I use the day cream- light yet hydrating, keeps my skin free from excessively dry/greasy/spotty patches. Probably the only night cream I’ve tried that didn’t make me feel like I’ve bathed in butter the next morning!! Available from QVC (222755) from £59 for 30mls.

7) Blistex Intensive Repair: Not much to say about this- it’s an intense lip balm in a pot. Mainly, I like the eucalyptus smell and the tingly sensation it causes, but having suffered from dry and cracked lips I can also confirm that this does the trick and is better than most lip balm brands. I use it every night before bed to keep my lips hydrated- I’ve even been known to rub this around my nose when I’ve got a cold!! Available from most high street pharmacies, supermarkets etc for approximately £2.50 7g.

8) Revitalash Advanced Conditioner: I’ve already done a review on this so i’ll just say it’s an awesome product that took my eyelashes from zero to hero in 6 weeks. Highly recommended. Available from QVC (200285), £53 2ml.

9) Asda Little Angels Soothing Lotion/Bedtime Lotion: One of those cheap as chips products that makes a world of difference for sensitive or dry skin. Obviously, this is designed for babies but as I’m someone with eczema-prone skin it works great on me. The only difference between the soothing and bedtime variety is the scent- one is infused with lavander, but neither are overwhelmingly perfumed and this is light enough to use daily without clogging up the skin. Might need something thicker for problem areas but overall this does the job! And for the price, you really can’t complain! Available from Asda, £1.35 for 750ml and currently on offer- 2 for £2.50.

10) Avon Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro: Sadly for this little product, I don’t consider it a daily essential because I think it’s marvellous but instead because it’s the only product I’ve come across that doesn’t make my eyes sore and itchy. If I don’t use any product whatsoever, my eyes will become dry and irritated and make applying eye-makeup impossible. I’ve tried hundreds of eye creams and all of them, in one way or another, have a negative affect on my eyes. This is the only one that I can use on a daily basis with no reaction, nor any stinging or watering for hours on end. I haven’t noticed any improvement in the condition of my eye area and I’ve had to start using a secondary product to combat wrinkles. Keeps this sensitive area hydrated- doesn’t do much else. Available from Avon, RRP £19.50 but often available for around £10.

EDIT: I forgot one!! 11) Palmolive Naturals Shower Gel (All Varieties): Having always had sensitive skin, I spent years splashing out on expensive shower products for daily use. I had this idea in my head that the cheaper it was, the worse my reaction, but it turned out that was utter rubbish!! I picked this Palmolive shower gel up on holiday in Greece in 2010. I fully expected to end up covered in a rash, but it never happened, so I gave this a go when I got home and have never looked back. I use this every day and have never had a flare up- some days, I can literally wash and go without worrying about using a moisturiser (something that would never have happened before!!). I’m a fan of all of the scent combos but the Nourishing Delight is a persona favourite- takes me back to the beach in Greece! Better yet, I can pick this up from my local supermarket for around £1- so it does my skin and my purse a favour 🙂


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