A mascara advert filmed without lash inserts? Well, that’s novel.


L’Oreal Paris have just launched their new Mega Volume Collagene Mascara here in the UK with a monochromatic TV ad starring Claudia Schiffer. As gorgeous as the 41 year old model looks in the advert she seems to be missing something; Yes, over the top eyelashes!!

As we all know, most mascara ads these days will use lash inserts or CGI trickery to improve the look of their product. They have to tell us this is the happening but I think most of us would agree that it’s a pretty sneaky way to sell a product. It seems that L’Oreal Paris have decided against this tactic to advertise their newest mascara and GOOD ON THEM I say!! Claudia Schiffer clearly does not need any sort of production tomfoolery to look better than she already does and in avoiding the completely unreasonable and unachievable lash look in their ad I’m actually more inclined to try it.

Close ups of Ms Schiffers lashes appear at the 0:03 and 0:12 second mark- what do you think? Is honesty the best policy when it comes to advertising?

EDIT: Having noticed the subtle eyelashes in the TV ad, I’ve been shocked to discover that L’Oreal took a completely different path in their published adverts! Here is one of the photographs from the printed campaign:

And as you can see, we are back to the fantasy lash look. How disappointing!!


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