Om nom nom nom- a night out in my favourite restaurant :)


Me and Hubby had a very civilised night last night in our favourite restaurant, the Retsina in Liverpool. We were in great company and didn’t get too sloshed- although the 2 ouzo’s we had to open and close the meal had an affect on me at about midnigh *hiccup*.

We got engaged in this restaurant (totally by accident- hubby blames the Ouzo for that too) in 2010 so the staff are always great with us and the food is always superb.

From top right, that’s my best friend Katie with her Kleftico, to her left is Skordo Stoumbi (a lamb and garlic stew) served with rice and salad, my hubby’s Sea Bass in garlic sauce and a couple of my meze courses- Kalamari and Prawns Skaras. I also had Halloumi & Lountza and Keftedes but I was too hungry to take photos of them.

We washed everything down with Mythos and Keo (Keo always takes me back to a beach in Cyprus!). All in all, the food was lovely and the company was divine 🙂

Disclaimer: I’m not Greek so I apologise if I’ve spelt the dishes wrong- I’m working from my ouzo-fuddled memory here 🙂


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