Summer Cookin’: Lamb Souvlaki


It’s one of those days today where it’s just too hot to do anything. Even the dog, usually keen to play or walk or rip something to bits is passed out in the coolest room of the house, deathly still like a crocodile.

So, keen to enjoy a nice meal on such a glorious day that didn’t require an over-exertion of effort, we took inspiration from our favourite Greek restaurant (which we visited just last night, incidentally) and decided on a nommy Lamb Souvlaki served with salad (refreshing), pitta and dips (easy).

We’ve marinaded our diced lamb shoulder in the following concoction for a few hours:

  • 1 glass red wine
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • juice (and some zest) of 2 lemons
  • 1 tspn oregano
  • sprinkling of rosemary

And all we will do is skewer the meat and grill for 10-12 minutes. All of our dips (hummus, tzatziki, taramasoulata) are shop bought (lazy!), so besides chopping the salad and toasting the pitta, we are good to go!! We deliberately chose NOT to add olive oil to the marinade as I thought with the pitta and the dips I was being naughty enough (all of this can be counted as syns though, the majority of the dips we bought are from low-fat ranges).

I’m also trying out some stuffed vine leaves that I bought a while back from a foreign food specialist store. This is jarred in olive oil and have a long-life sell by date, so I doubt they will be as nice as a restaurant version!! Still, it’s a nice little addition and if they are nice then I’ll add them to future home-cooked Meze’s. Life is too short to stuff a vine leaf, after all 🙂


Dinner was absolutely divine! The lamb was beautiful, compliments to the chef, really tender and tasty. The sides were refreshing yet filling and my vine leaves were nice enough given that they required no effort whatsoever!! I will definitely try them again 🙂


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