Laura Geller Haul Photos & Reviews


Hi Everyone,

as promised, here are some photos and reviews of my recent Laura Geller @ QVCUK haul. I told you it was a big one!

Enjoy x

1. Balance & Brighten Foundation in Regular & Fair

This is a baked powder foundation with an SPF 15 that can be applied both wet and dry. I absolutely love this! It can be built up or applied wet for a medium coverage, applied as a powder with a brush for a sheer cover, on top of the spackle for light to medium cover or on top of a liquid foundation (such as LG Phenomenal) for a really flawless look. It’s so versatile and I’m yet to find a product that this doesn’t work with. Above is the fair (left) and regular, porcelain and Tan. The regular is great for me all year round and really does help to balance out skin tones (I’m super freckly!). This item is usually sold with a brush and is available from QVC UK for £25ish- item# 200799.

2.Blush & Brighten in Boysenberry & Baked Brightening Powder in Ethereal Rose

Once again, these are both fabulous products that are easy to build. I’m always a bit scared of blusher- it can go so horribly wrong, but I never have any trouble working with these. Boysenberry (left, item# 227307, £30.25) would be much more suited to medium-tan skintones, as it has a beautiful golden vein running through it although there is no shimmer whatsoever. I also pick up a little coral in this, as with all LG baked items it’s easy to swirl the brush around the colours you like to create a custom look.

Ethereal Rose  (right, item# 229171 £27.28) is actually a 2 toned baked blush, with a slightly darker “sateen” colour taking up  a third of the pan. It’s easy to keep them seperate, or you can swirl them together for a more dramatic look. This has much more of a shimmer to it than the Boysenberry;LG have hit the nail on the head describing it as “ethereal”.The only problem with Laura Geller blushes? They all have a pink/berry undertone which gets a bit boring.

3.Bronze & Brighten in Fair

This is my least favourite product out of the range. I have both the Fair and Regular in this and neither quite match to my skin tone (NC25). The regular contains too much of that coffee coloured vein running through it, whilst the fair not enough and too much rose. It gives a matte finish which is pretty sheer and, although it promises a lot, isn’t as complex a colour when applied as I would have hoped. Maybe a better product for winter, when I’m at my palest and not in the mood for shimmer- therefore potentially making it a great bronzer for older ladies??. I wouldn’t repurchase this, nor would I give up on it entirely! The item photographed is actually the full size 24g pan, it’s huge and was possibly only available as a OTO special offer. This product is currently only available in the Baked-To-Go 1.8g mini size- £21.25 with applicator, item# 229153 but it’s worth holding on in case the big one comes back in stock- you’ll never run out of it.

4. Baked Body Frosting in Honey Glow

This is more me. A beautiful golden bronzer with a little bit of shimmer, designed for use all over the face and body. Would also make a great highlighter on darker skin tones! I actually can’t wait to go on holiday abroad just so I can take this with me!! As with all LG Baked products, this can be used wet or dry to build up colour and starts off very sheer if, unlike me, you don’t want to look like you are in drag. Couldn’t reccomend this enough and may even splash out on the other colours (pink and champagne)! This item was part of a Gleam Team duo containing this and a lip gloss- my dog chewed the gloss before I got my hands on it. Item# 200479, £30.86

5. Neapolitan Blush & Highlighter and Highlighter in Portofino

The Portofino Highlighter is possibly one of those stand alone products that LG is famed for and receives the most hype about. Once again, it can be used wet or dry all over over the body, specifically the cheekbones for that Kim Kardashian look. It’s a beautiful colour- the photograph really doesn’t do it justice, like a baked duotone gold. I, personally, prefer to use this to highlight the brows and cupids bow, I prefer a cream highlighter for my cheeks, but if LG could emulate this colour in a cream product I would definitely purchase! Item# 229983 £19.52 with applicator brush/sponge.

The Neapolitan Blush & Highlighter trio is another gorgeous, mulitfunctional item. The highlight colour is a shade lighter than Portofino and would be better suited to fairer skin tones. The pink blush is a typical Barbie pink- perfect for blondes and you blue eyed NC/W15’s. Swirl it with the highlight to create a summery peach. The bronzer in this is a lot lighter than the other LG bronzers- more of a cappucino colour rather than coffee and it has a subtle gold fleck running through it. This is one of those perfect handbag products that takes you from day to night. This was a limited edition product that I got as part of Porcelain kit (the Baked Vanilla Nudes Collection). I bought this to split with my BFF as I really wanted this and she needed a foundation! No item number, but if you see one on ebay, grab it!

6. Eye Elements Quad and 2 Shadow/Rimz Duos

Now, I really love the quality and consistency of these shadows but I must admit i’m not too keen on the colours. Given that the whole Laura Geller collection is pretty inoffensive, I can’t believe the shadows are totally not!

The quad (largest palette, bottom of photo) is called Sand & Sea (for obvious reasons) and the three neutral shades I’m pretty happy with. There is a standard vanilla-gold highlight, a slightly darker antique gold and rose gold, all suitable for most skin tones and complete a pretty look without much need for expert applicationThis would be perfect for a 1950’s pinup look or even a bride. But then there is that teal colour! I can’t see many women of a certain age wearing that, it screams 1986 to me, and then I can’t see an eyeshadow afficionado such as myself ever using it either. This is apparently the Mystic Sea Eye Rimz, although its not shimmery like the last one.I might just challenge myself to do a FOTD with this and see how I get on, maybe I’m competely wrong! Item# 227231 £30.25

The first duo, in the vanilla coloured packaging, is the Marble Shadow & Eye Rimz duo in Vanilla Toffee/Black Cherry. For those of you who are new to LG, Eye Rimz are dark marble shadows that can be applied wet or dry and are meant to replace your typical eyeliner- these are a lot more flattering on older ladies as the lines aren’t as harsh, plus the colours are much more sophisticated. Now, I totally think it depends on which actual pot you get as to whether you like this or not. Being marbled, some contain a higher proportion of certain colours than others and some to have a more obvious seperation of colours- making it easy to mix and blend to your preference. I actually have 2 of these and I much prefer the one that keeps the colours seperate- it’s much easier to work with. The only problem, and it may not be a problem to some, the Black Cherry Eye Rim is totally packed with glitter! So how many people reach for it on a daily basis I do not know. Great for a night out or the festive season, not so great for shopping in Asda. Item# 200648, £15.50 with applicator.

The second duo is the Sateen Fresco/Mystic Sea. I like neither of these colours and am not entirely sure why I purhased this. Once again, this came as a secondary item in a kit, possibly with the Boysenberry blush. It worked out financially viable to buy the two together- but I’m yet to find a use for this other than give it to someone and make them happy for an hour. This is supposedly the same teal from the quad- having swatched them both under light I can confirm that there is a difference, I think that goes back to the way the products are marbled. Every one will be different and as kitsch as that may be it’s also pretty bloody infuriating!!

7. Brushes

These aren’t available seperately so I’m actually just showing off. Both retractable brushes are soft, thick, packed with bristles and don’t shed. Although the fibre isn’t listed, I’m guessing these are synthetic. The Kabuki is actually a bloody good brush- on par with my Coastal Scents Badger Kabuki, and seen as it was free with the foundation I shan’t be complaining. The blusher brush is a little too thin for my liking, but I imagine it would make a great contouring brush. I won’t be using these in my kit but I will keep them about my person Monday through Friday.

8. Brow Sculpting Marker Duo

I am a sucker for a brow product and this one grabbed my attention because of those neat little ridges on the applicator! Basically, when you brush this through your brows, it draws on 3 mini lines rather than one thick, blunt one, creating a more natural brow effect. Supposedly. This product has received some awful reviews- mainly because, regardless of the individual brow hairs it creates, it still applies like a marker which never, ever looks natural. I haven’t tried this yet, but I will. Expect a review for this product alone! Item# 200480, Duo pack available in Taupe, Dark Brown, Auburn, Charcoal and Brown. £24.89 from

9. Mascara Duo

Not much info is given about this Mascara on the QVC site, other than it’s black and promises a full but natural lash finish. Having previously tried the LG High Gloss Mascara and HATING it, I wasn’t interested in trying another, but this gets such good reviews on and Youtube that I thought I may as well give it a go. As you can see, the wand is thick and slightly curved on side- great for creating a curl. Another product I’ll be reviewing in due time. Item # 223078, Dup £20.76

10. Inkwell Gel Liner

Once again, I’m a SUCKER for a gel liner, I must own at least 12 of the things all in the same colour (black). So what drew me to these? Well, the genius packaging! I hate, when using a gel liner pot, that I have to carry a seperate brush around with me, once i’ve used it I end up with black residue all over the inside of my makeup bag/hand bag which inevitably then ends up all over my hands etc etc…. Laura Geller has come up with a brilliant way of counteracting that issue. The synthetic liner brush is actually housed within the packaging- screw the pot off the bottom and pull the brush out of the top and when you are finished put it all back together to keep things nice and clean!!

As for the product itself; it’s AMAZEBALLS. The black is a matte black rather than a high gloss but it’s super pigmented. I picked up a tiny bit of product on the brush and ended up drawing all over my hand- a little goes a long, long way. I left it on for a while, did the dishes and had a bath and it was still on there- it took Elemis Melting Gel Cleanser and a lot of rubbing to get it off.

As for the purple, not so good, which is always the case with coloured liner. This set was a duo and cost £22.20 for the 2. If the black became available seperately I’d be more inclined to repurchase. Item# 200339

11. Spackle- Tint and Original Full Size.

I reviewed this yesterday so won’t bore you all again. Here is a photo of the 2 shades- I told you that the bronze was scary! I also purchased the 3 piece collection but that is safely tucked away in my make up kit and I won’t be digging it out!!


I hope you enjoyed this!! If you would like any more information, have a question for me or would like to see swatches please feel free to contact me. Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for the brow marker reviews and my LG FOTD 🙂




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