As Promised, Laura Geller FOTD


Just a short post from me today fulfilling one of my promises. I tried out the LG Eye Quad in Sand & Sea for a date with hubby to the cinema tonight and thought it was pretty uninspiring. Admittedly, I threw this all on with one brush- I should have used a fuller brush for the Mystic Sea Eye Rimz, although I’ve already stated how much I hate this colour so I was loathe to try anything time consuming with it!

This is a terrible photo of me as you can see my facial hair, i’m due for a wax, but hopefully you can see the coverage of the foundation and sheerity(sp?) of the blush. In this next photo, I think I must have been blinking. Neither are good photos are my eyeshadow- I’ll have to get used to this blog photography thing!


Also used:

  • LG Spackle in Bronze Tint
  • LG Balance & Brighten SPF 15 Foundation in Regular
  • LG Brightening Blush in Ethereal Rose
  • LG Highlighter in Portofino
  • LG Brow Marker in Dark Brown
  • LG Inkwell Gel Liner in Black
  • LG Mascara in Black.
  • Vaseline on lips, with LG Boysenberry Blush pushed into it.

I am neither impressed/unimpressed with the brow markers- the colour isn’t right but I do have black hair so I knew that anyway. It was easy to apply, stayed put and (most importantly) didn’t look like a marker pen, which is what 50% of naysayers bleat on about. Is it any better than an NYX pencil? No. Would I pay the extra £15 for the marker? No.

The Inkwell Gel liner is utterly fabulous- easy to apply (no pulling or tugging the lid), great colour payoff, you only need a tiny amount AND it works great on the waterline. I applied mine 5 hours ago and it is still there- I love this liner. See my previous LG post for info of where to buy this in the UK

The mascara, well, I’m undecided on this so far. I’m going to make this my “work” mascara, so expect a review in a couple of weeks. For now i’ll say it’s creamy and comfortable on the eye, ok to apply and definitely black. Can’t say how it stays put just yet. Tonight, i felt like my lashes were fuller in the way that any mascara makes them, I can’t see I’ve noticed anything special from this.






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