Joy’s Cosmetics Haul


Hi everyone!

Today I received a parcel from Ebay seller Joy’s Cosmetics. I order a fair bit of Nyx from here as it’s impossible to track down in the UK, even paying postage and import fees is a lot cheaper than travelling to the nearest shop and purchasing!

Red Cherry lashes, as far as I’m aware, aren’t available in the UK. There are a lot of people selling them on ebay, but I like to purchase from Joy’s because I know it’s a reputable company and everything arrives super quick (4 days to be precise- from California, can’t knock that!). Customer service is super, if you send Joy you question you will hear back asap- less than 24 hours in my case. I paid $18.99 for postage for this package, approximately £12 or 57p per item. Personally, I think that is really reasonable. I ordered an item from London last week and paid £5.95 p&p, 7 days later it still isn’t here!! So 10/10 to Joy’s Cosmetics for that.

I also purchased the twin set of Duo glue. Duo is available on British shores but seen as I was ordering anyway, it made sense. This is my preferred glue of choice and, once again, it’s cheaper in the States even when you factor in p&p.

Joy’s Cosmetics can be found here.

Red Cherry do a huge range of lashes and when you factor in postage they cost approximately £1.40 each!! I first came accross these after a Vintage or Tacky Vlog in which they were raved about. They are 100% human hair and all come individually packaged. I ordered a cross section, thinking i’ve got something for every occasion here, but this is just a few of their range.

My faves at the moment are the 605’s, as I think they look thick but natural. I’m also digging the 199’s but fear I may look a bit like a drag act in them!!

I also purchased 6 of the Nyx Round Lipglosses. I love the Round Lipsticks so thought I’d buy these for my bridesmaids as I want them to all have a natural lip on the day of the wedding. I won’t be opening these as they are gifts, but I’m now considering buying 6 more from Joy’s just so I can road test them myself- I’ve heard some great reviews.

I also received the Nyx Sheer Gloss as a complimentary gift, common with large orders from Joy’s. At first I thought they colour (Taupe) would be too dark, but it’s a beautiful sheer antique bronze colour- perfect for day or night. Plus I am loving the packaging- like a MAC paint but cuter 🙂 Expect a review on that soon.

Unfortunately, I won’t be at a lash worthy event until August 4th but I can’t wait to get a pair of these bad girl lashes on!

So 10/10 for the products and 10/10 for the shopping experience as a whole; I’ll definitely be using Joy in the future for my U.S product needs!




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