Why don’t beauty bloggers/vloggers like Avon? Feedback appreciated.


So Avon Products, the fifth largest beauty company in the world who boasted £10.8 billion in sales in 2010, are never really mentioned by beauty bloggers or vloggers. I’ve always found this a little odd, not to mention annoying. With 6.4 million worldwide representatives who enable purchasing from the comfort of your own home, somebody must be buying their products. But who?

My Sister-in-law is an Avon rep, I buy (on average) £10 worth of products every campaign and there are a few items I repurchase year in, year out. My Mum, Aunts, work colleagues and friends are all the same- with representatives of their own. It’s very rare that I will mention an Avon product to an acquaintance or client and they won’t know of its existence, which leads me to believe that we all read the catalogues and at least ponder whether we should purchase or not.

Still, an Avon product in a beauty blog is an occasional thing. Search for “Avon” on Youtube and you’ll struggle to find an in-depth review video the way you would with Mac, Illamasqua or Urban Decay. Nevermind a tutorial- in all my years of following Guru’s I’m yet to see one use an Avon product.

So, what I’m asking is why don’t we see more Avon featured in blogs and vlogs? Clearly we are all buying it, are we just too ashamed to admit it? If so, why?? Avon is no cheaper than most drug store brands, nor is it any worse quality. There has been a bit of a recent internet flutter over the Ideal Flawless foundation, such as this Top 10 Foundations video from Goss, but other than that it seems poor Avon are out in the cold.

So, do you like Avon products? Do you dislike them? Are you put off by another element of ordering- delivery times, the erratic pricing? I really would appreciate any feedback on this. I would especially love it if you could reblog this question and maybe we could get to the bottom of where Avon are going wrong!

It absolutely infuriates me that when I’m considering buying a £20-£30 Anew product there is NEVER an online review, yet search for Nyx Round Lipstick and you have to fight your way through pages of swatches and hours of film dedicated to the subject on Youtube. I just wonder how, with celebrity endorsements, worldwide advertising and international brand recognition, nobody ever gets excited about an Avon launch. Are we just all bored of it?


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  1. I do like Avon products, I have a few that I have used, I love the Glimmersticks that I use and post about a lot. And I am excited to try the new chromes eye liners. I think for me I prefer more for eyeshadow other brands, I feel that they have a wider range of color and depth to them, although I do have some of the Mark. purples. I am already a clinique shopper for my foundation so I do not use Avon for that. Overall I have liked every Avon make up product that I have ever purchased. That is a shame if people are ashamed, if that is the reason. No reason to be ashamed. 😀

    • I’ve just bought the Chrome Glimmerstick in Ultraviolet and think it’s fab, especially for the low price (if compared to UD 24/7 for example). My only complaint is that after a few hours, the colour oxidises and turns slightly darker, but it stays put and doesn’t smudge.

      Sadly, I think people are a little ashamed about Avon purchases. I think some people relate Avon to their Grandma, especially in the UK (it has a very “housewife” kind of reputation here) but it’s a shame as some of the stuff is great.

      Thankyou for your thoughts!! I’d love to get a bit of a discussion on the go about this 🙂

  2. I personally think Avon is one of the best quality-for-the-price brands available. For people who may not be all that into makeup or beauty products, Avon is a great place to start – they offer just about everything and the quality is very decent. I haven’t blogged about many Avon products because, currently, it’s not easy for me to get my hands on any! I don’t have a rep at the moment, and so I never see a catalog or make a purchase. I think Avon might get more attention if it were easier to buy. We like instant gratification – go to the store and buy that new lipstick! – rather than having to wait for your rep to bring you a catalog, pick up your order, place it, and send it back to you. My two cents!

    • I think instant gratification is definitely a BIG part of this. I buy makeup the same way I buy shoes or dresses- for special occasions. I buy my outfit and then I think “I need an awesome (eyeshadow/lipstick/blush) to go with this” so I buy one. Generally I don’t have time to order those ‘special’ items from Avon so I buy them from a shop instead and then when it’s time to buy from Avon I buy standard essentials instead. I guess none of what I buy is exciting enough to blog about!

  3. I’ll tell you why. It’s marketing and their distribution system. I used to work for L’Oreal in marketing and know for a fact that the Avon products can be exceptional, especially in skincare. The problem is because their distribution system lacks bricks and mortar stores, sampling becomes almost impossible and I think actually hinders the reps. Avon is also going thru some massive corporate restructuring right now, so lets see if all the changes will result in different formula products.

    • Yes, sampling is definitely an issue. I also think there is a total lack of relevant information about £30 products- ie, what is it, how often should I use it, what would complement it? And I think they are all key questions. For all I know, if I combine 2 products from the Anew Clinical range they could be counteracting each other.

      One of my BIG problems with Avon is that they just randomly discontinue lines with no prior warning. It’s in one catalogue and then we never see it again. Not so much an issue with makeup, a little infuriating, but twice Avon has discontinued a skincare product that I was really getting on well with. It puts me off becoming reliant on their skin care again.

  4. i used to love avon products, i remembered my very first cosmetic owned was by avon (press powder).But growing up i discovered new products that is more good quality so i think thats why i dont pay too much attention on it anymore.

    • Over the years, I’ve learnt what products are great and which are awful. I think Avon, as a manufacturer, really need to bring the quality of their items onto a similar level. For example- I really like their mascaras but can’t abide their eyeshadows- I don’t even look at the eyeshadow pages anymore. I just flick through to the things I like!

  5. yeah, i think you’re right.. and i dont think avon got thier signature product, like urban decay ‘s are well known for thier eyeshadows or mac for thier lipsticks.. do they?.. maybe they do i just dont know,since its been years and years i havent look at thier catalogs..

    • No I don’t think they have really and I often find that it’s the products that are heralded the most (the ones they choose to advertise or campaign about) are the worst ones! Like all of their bronzers are just….awful, yet people do tend to go on about the Arabian Glow range (in the UK at least). Their bronzing pearls were considered an iconic item at one point- I’m actually convinced it’s just fragranced coffee in a jar!

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