5 Avon Repurchase-ables


Is “repurchase-ables” a word? Probably not, but I’m sticking with it!

After my Avon post the other day I thought it only fair that I herald some of my favourite Avon items. These are items that I have regularly repurchased- usually more than once.

Calming Effects Illuminating Foundation- Normally £8.50 but look out for deals!

I decided to try this as my regular “day” foundation after finding that most fuller coverage foundations brought me out in spots after prolonged use. I was doubtful at first but picked this up in a 2 for £10 event so thought, for a fiver, it would be worth a try at least.

This gives quite a full coverage and leaves the skin looking fresh and dewy; it never looks caked on or patchy. I’m not quite sure about the illuminating part- but that’s pretty much all I can contest. After daily use for over a year, I can safely say that I experience less skin problems than I used to although my skin certainly isn’t perfect. It stays put for my standard 9-5 shift, applies easily (I use my fingers!) and works well as a base for powder blushes and bronzers. It’s a 3oml pump bottle so stays clean whilst rolling around in my handbag. It contains UVA and UVB protection, which is great for such a value product.

The major downside to this product is the limited colour selection, the five shades shown above are the only available options so nothing for darker skin tones. I also find that most Avon foundations have either a strong pink or orange undertone and aren’t great for neutral skins. Still, they colour match quite well- I’m sure you could tone this up or down with finishing powders or even a topping of mineral foundation.

Anew Lip Plumping Lip Conditioner– Normally £9 but can often be found for £5

I first bought this as a cheeky dupe for Gale Hayman Lift Lip, which is considerably more expensive. I started using this when I was about 22, I probably didn’t need a plumping lip conditioner then but I consider my lips one of my best features and am keen to keep things that way!! Also, I used to smoke so was wary of my lips appearing older than the rest of me.

I didn’t notice much difference at first but now (7 years later) my lips are still in the same condition and I attribute that largely to this. My lips are rarely dry or cracked and are as full looking as they were when I was younger.  This lip conditioner boosts collagen with retinol and contains an SPF 15, even if you don’t think you need to improve you lip texture it’s just a nice balm and can be applied under heavy, matte lipsticks to sheer them down a little and make wear more comfortable.

Supershock Mascara– RRP £8.50 (but I never pay more than £5)

If there is one are where Avon excel, I believe it is their mascara’s. I’ve never come accross one from any of their ranges that I have thought was awful and, although some are better than others, I wouldn’t turn down any of them for free!

I first tried Supershock when I couldn’t afford my usual Lancome Hypnose. I bought this after reading some great reviews and was attracted by the low price. The first thing that struck me was the oversized brush; this bad boy is huge and actually quite difficult to manoeuvre when you first try. However, persevere and you will get used to it.

This separates and lifts all of my lashes whilst adding length and volume. Since first trying this, I’ve not bothered with any other brand (not even returning to Hypnose). I’ve mastered applying this to the bottom lashes too! It’s a buildable mascara that stays put all day and night: it’s not waterproof but you will struggle to remove this without the aid of a hardcore makeup remover. I’ve never known it clump and will easily take you from day to night.

Anew Derma-Full Pro Deep Wrinkle Concentrate– RRP £15

I’ve read some mixed reviews on this product so I must start by saying that I’ve seen some great results with the fine lines that have started to appear around my eyes as I approach the big 30!! I had this floating around my stash for a while before, just after Christmas, I noticed some new lines around my eyes. I started to apply this under my daily moisturiser morning and night and within a couple of weeks noticed a reduction in the crows feet I’d previously panicked about. Regular use is definitely the key to this product- I didn’t take it away with me on a recent week long jaunt and the signs of age were back by the time I flew back home 😦

The major downside with this product is that it very rarely appears in special offers. I think the cheapest I’ve ever seen it was £12 and even then that it quite a lot of money for a product that you may not see results from. Even though this is marketed at women of a “certain age”, reviews have led me to believe that it’s younger people in the early stages of an anti-aging regime that see the best results.

Lift & Firm Liquid Bra– RRP £10- sometimes 3 for £10!

Out of everything from Avon, this is the item I repurchase year in, year out. When it’s on special offer (usually twice a year) I’ll happily pick up 3 or 6 of them, so I now have a backlog of product in varying styles of bottle! Although this has been repackaged countless times, I can confirm it’s always the same product inside.

So, experts suggest that regular massaging of the skin will improve texture and elasticity. There is no evidence that this product, or any other product for that matter, can solely benefit the firmness of the breasticles but I like to think (that after many years of regular use) my 38E’s are in better conditioner than if I hadn’t used this. I know that isn’t exactly a glowing review, but it’s hard to judge something that never was!

This is a gel formulation that rubs in well, feels momentarily tacky on the skin but dries. It smells pleasant enough, clean and a bit clinical. For a couple of hours after application, the skin definitely feels tighter albeit in a false sort of manner. Like the Derma-Full, this relies on regular daily use in for results and, as the packaging says, application is as important as the product itself. No slapping it on!

If you can get hold of this at the lower-price, it’s definitely worth the £3. This product has received positive reviews from Gok Wan on How To Look Good Naked, Nicki Hambleton-Jones, various women’s mags and now me! 🙂


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