Super Cheap Beauty Bargains!


I spend a lot of money on skincare but one thing I repeatedly forget to do (especially after a cocktail or two) is remove my makeup. If I’m being good, I cleanse without removing makeup first which often means I spend a lot of time rubbing quite vigorously and we all know that’s not very good on delicate facial skin! It’s only recently that I’ve added the step of removing most of my slap before cleansing.

So whilst doing some casual shopping in my local Wilkinsons, I picked up 2 packets of Skin Therapy (own brand Wilkinson skincare) facial wipes. They were 57p each or 2 packs for £1. Each pack contain 25 wipes.

The wipes all promise to be PH balanced, fragrance & allergen free and dermatologically tested. I think that’s pretty standard in skincare these days and if I’m honest that wasn’t the major selling point. Basically, they were cheap and they will aid the necessary removal of copious amounts of makeup from my face!

I bought the standard AND exfoliating varieties. The standard wipes do everything they say on the tin and can be used whenever, I’d say the exfoliating ones are quite abrasive and I doubt my skin would be happy of I used them twice a day! That’s really my only complaint.


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