Review: Elemis Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt


Whilst I’m waiting for the final piece of my epic Illamasqua Haul to arrive so that I can write a gloating post about it, I thought I’d write a review on my ultimate luxury product.

I ask for this regularly as a birthday or Chistmas gift as it’s pretty pricey for a body product. At £29.70 for 100ml, I tend to save this for special occasions or the run up to a hoiday (when I’m expected to get all of the body parts out that rarely see daylight). However, I realised last weekend whilst rooting in my stash that I’ve got a backlog of this; 2 100ml bottles and a 50ml travel size, so I thought I’d cheer myself up and use it for a week so I’m all shiny and gorgeous for when my husband to be returns home!

Elemis Frangipani Monoi is actually a body oil which is often referred to as a “melt”. This is because the product starts life in solid form and when you want to use it you have to warm it up in the bath or in a cup of hot water so that it melts to a usable substance. I personally think this is a great concept for an oil as it makes the product really suitable for travel as it won’t leak all over your bag! Plus, massaging this into your skin as a warm oil is (to me) the ultimate in luxury.

The smell of this, it seems, is a bit like marmite. I love it- it’s exotic and sweet and reminds me of being on a Tahitian beach. I’ve never been to a Tahitian beach, mind. Someone once pointed out to me that this vaguely smells of marzipan and I know what they mean, if you aren’t a fan of marzipan then chances are this isn’t for you! I wear this all year round and tend not to wear a perfume with it, it is quite a strong scent and doesn’t mix well with anything I frequently wear.

I’d say this is a lot thicker than standard body oils but Elemis recommend it for all skin types. I’ve never experienced any negative affects and my skin can be sensitive at times. The downside is that you can get through a lot of product unless you thoroughly warm this through or if you skin is cold- for that reason I prefer to apply it to damp skin after bathing.

You can add the oil to your bath water, I know a lot of people like this option but this stuff is too oily for my hair and I look like Johnny Depp in Crybaby the next day. Before Moroccan Oil was big, Elemis sold this as a similar restorative oil and still advertise it as being an intense consitioning treatment for hair and nails. It’s rather pleasant rubbing an excessive amount of this into your feet and horrible toe cuticles and leaving it on with cotton socks overnight- I always feel beach ready afterwards!

Downsides of this product; well, the price mainly. The only other issue I have applies to oils as a whole- the dropper is hard to control and often you’ll end up with too little/too much product. Somtimes it just comes flailing about all over the place and next thing you have £3 worth of oil on the floor. Sadface.

For my birthday this year I might ask for some of the other products from this range to see how I feel about them or maybe even look on ebay for sample sizes 🙂


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    • You can have my travel size one if you want! The bottle is a bit wrecked as it’s been rolling around my rattan bath organiser since Xmas but it’s still in full working order 🙂

      • bless your heart! don’t worry I have given the family the official list – including the wipes from yesterday – love your tips keep it up! they can get me the elemis from the duty free because I’m worth it! They haven’t seen me for a few months so may feel that way!

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