Haul: Coastal Scents Brushes!



When I first completed my makeup qualification, Coastal Scents was all the rage amongst Youtubers. I bought a few palettes from them, some glitters and pigments and some brushes and was really happy with everything. Then, one day, someone cottoned on that the exact same products are available on Ebay for a third of the price and I never bought from Coastal Scents again.

Forward a few years and I decide that I’m going to invest in a few new eyeshadow brushes because a) I’m constantly using them and b) after a few years in industry i’ve come to the conclusion that brushes don’t make that much of a difference if you are good at your craft*.  I had a little look on ebay but in many instances the brushes of lesser importance are very badly labelled and it’s hard to know exactly what your are getting, so I headed over to Coastal Scents. All brushes come with a full description, such as suggested usage, hair origin/quality. Plus, all brushes are reviewed by previous customers and in many cases they have taken the time to make comparisons to MAC and Sigma, which I LOVE when buying online.


I purchased a total of 21 brushes, mainly for use around the eyes. I know you are probably thinking why would anyone need that many shadow brushes but when I’m working at a party there can be 5 or more girls and I need clean brushes every time. I’ve also gone a bit mad on eyeliner brushes as I’m really getting into gel eyeliner.


The CS Brush Purifier is only $4.95 so I thought i’d give that a go too. I usually make my own brush cleaner as per Enkore’s instructions on Youtube, I got a little bored of paying out for MAC brush cleaner when it seemed so simple to make at home, but the CS one was so reasonable I thought I may as well give it a try. I probably can’t buy the individual ingredients for my homemade variety for less than that (approx £3.14!)

The total for my order came to approximately £47 with postage from Florida costing £10.50 ish. Personally, I think that is a great price for so many items, these are great quality brushes and the variety is fab. The only downside is that UK Border control whacked me with a customs charge of £15.36 which I can’t really complain about as we all know the rules! This is my second beauty package from the States in as many weeks so I guess every now and then I’ll get pulled for import tax. However, even when I added the extra tax to my total, it still only worked out £2.71 per brush, which is more than reasonable.

These are the exact same brushes sold by Crown in the UK but I never take much notice of the Crown website. I’ve bought a few bits from them at Pro-shows and fairs, but I find their website quite difficult to navigate. Secondly, there is little or no information on what the brush hairs are made of- on the CS site the hair fibre is actually listed in the title so you know before you click whether it’s synthetic or not, great for saving time. To top it all off- Crown brushes are much more expensive than Coastal Scents even when you consider the import tax and postage. As an example, let’s take these three brushes:

L-R: Bionic Foundation Brush Large, Classic Blender Crease Natural, Classic Liner Medium

I paid £1.90 from Coastal Scents for the foundation brush, from Crown brushes it would cost £7.34. The blending brush cost me £1.58 compared to £3.07 and the liner brush would have cost me £3.45 from Crown yet I only paid £1.23 from CS! So you can imagine the savings I made over 21 brushes.

I can’t review anything as I’m yet to take it all out of the package and play- no doubt something I will waste my afternoon on. And don’t worry, I haven’t forgot my Illamasqua haul!!

*There will be a whole other post containing my thoughts on makeup brushes.


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