Review: Illamasqua Liquid Metals


I recently commented how much I dislike the Illamasqua Liquid Metals. The concept behind them is phenomenal and the colours are beautiful, but when it comes down to using them I’ve always struggled.

I’ve owned three of these in my time:

Solstice, Phenomena and Superior

And have tried them all out using different applications techniques and in different looks. The first thing that annoys the bejeesus out of me about these is that every colour seems to have a different consistency and the OCD side of me just does not like that. The Superior is by far the most pigmented and the thickest, I’ve noticed that it doesn’t crease too much and can actually be encouraged to stay in place if used as a base. The Solstice (Gold) is creamier but still pigmented- it’s not as good as the Superior in terms of staying power but it is a truly beautiful gold and can be made as bold as you like. The Phenomena is just plain awful and reminds me of the terrible makeup you’d be bought as a teen that was essentially just vaseline with glitter in it. Yes, you totally want to rub it all over your face, but it never serves to make you look any better!

One heavy swipe accross my hand, in bright sunlight.

…and indoors, in natural daylight.

I have to say that they look pretty amazeballs on the back of my hand, it’s on my eye that is the problem! As you can see in this following photo, one wipe and they are gone 😦 Absolutely no staying power at all.

As I said earlier, applying a powder shadow over these will encourage them to stay in place but then you lose that lovely molton metal finish and it becomes very matte. You’ve essentially just lost the focal selling point of the product!

I do still get use of these though. All of them are great to apply loose glitter over and it really holds it in place whilst giving a nice base colour. Plus these are lip safe and would make a great, if not sightly unconventional lip colour. Both the Solstice and Phenomenal can be applied lightly enough to add a another dimension to a boring matte lipstick.

Phenomena, applied thinly with my finger.

So there you go- a lovely product in theory but actually a nightmare to work with and expensive to boot! Sadly, I don’t have the willpower to stop buying them, they look pretty in the pot and I suppose they do have their uses, but I can’t be 100% enthusiastic about them 😦

Illamasqua Liquid Metals cost £17.50 for 8g of product. There are 3 or 4 long-standing colours as well as Limited Editions with each collection.

Have you tried them? What do you think?


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