How do you apply your lashes?


This morning, I have been shocked and amazed by the novel concept of applying glue to your lash line (with a brush) rather than your strip lashes and then sticking the lashes to the tacky glue.

This may not sound ground breaking to you, you probably get out more than I do, but to me it’s REVOLUTIONARY. I was taught the standard way of applying lashes when I completed by makeup qualification and my teeny little mind never even considered the option of there being a plan b.

I apply glue (Duo, clear) to the strip lash and allow to dry for a minute or so. When it’s tacky, I apply a second coating of glue then apply straight to the lash line. Hold in place, make sure the eye isn’t glued shut. When glue is completely dry, reapply eyeliner. I NEVER put mascara over lashes as I actually think it ruins the look, the most I will do is brush my natural lashes and fake ones together with a comb to make them sit together. Also, I like to keep my false lashes as clean as possible so that I can re-use them (obviously not on clients, just on myself).

Have a look at Cora’s tips for applying false lashes and decide for yourself.

So, how do you apply your false lashes?? Is it back to the drawing board for you too?


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