Wait, Illamasqua is just Kryolan is disguise?


AS you all know, I spent a small fortune in the Illamasqua sale this month. So did my cousin, Julie, who is as much of a beauty junkie as me but pretends not to be. Anyway, Julie’s first comment about the Rich Liquid Foundation was that it was super-chalky, almost like theatre/stage makeup. The kind she messed about with when trying to bag David Sylvian in the Eighties. This is not the first time she has made this sort of comparison- Julie once destroyed all of my faith in Benefit by pointing out that Benetint is nothing more than stage blood in an aesthetically pleasing packet.

Well, She was spot on. Illamasqua is nothing more than a well-packaged line of Kryolan, endorsed by all sorts of reputable names such as Dave Vanian and Alex Box; the kind of people you might have some time for if you were trying to bag David Sylvian in the Eighties, IYKWIM.

This is not a conspiracy, Illamasqua advertise this fact in their collection booklets and on their website. Admittedly, I would have felt less conned had the line been called “Illamasqua by Kryolan” or something more imaginative (Kryomasqua!) but I don’t feel I’m in the position to scream infidelities.

Still, I’m a little disappointed. Yes, I love the colours and I love the packaging, I love the names and Illamasqua’s beautiful artistry. But, REALLY? You’ve just sold me a £5 product for £15 because it’s in a shiny black box? I feel a fool!!

Although I’m happy with everything I bought, I don’t think I’ll become a hardcore Illamasqua junkie. I wasn’t inspired by anything I received the way I was when I first came accross Urban Decay or Fyrinnae for example. In some ways, I feel as though Illamasqua have used the concept of artistry just to sell yet another line of high-end cosmetics and, if that is the case, I have more respect for brands such as Dior who don’t pretend to be anything other than pretty products in pretty packaging.

There doesn’t seem to be any comparisons online as of yet between Kryolan and Illamasqua products and I, for one, are not in a position to do any. I only own a couple of Kryolan products, neither comparable to the Illamasqua line although it is interesting to see that many Kryolan items are mimicked by Illamasqua: eye cake? Sealing liquid? Hmm.

There is one thing that I am sure of though; the next time Julie tells me not to buy something because it’s nothing more than stage makeup in a beautiful tube, I’m going to take her word for it.

Compare Illamasqua Can-Can…

….with Kryolan Paradise.


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  1. Say what now?? o_o well I love them both, so no problem, but selling a product for that much more while it’s made in the same factory, blah!
    Another company selling out.

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