Why am I doing this without the aid of a professional??


I usually find time to get to a beauty salon about once per month, maybe twice if I’m lucky. I’m happy to upkeep a lot myself in between trips but one thing I’ve always been worried about is dying my own eyebrows. I have dark brown lashes and black hair, I really don’t feel right when they don’t match and although I fill my brows in every morning before work I never trust them to stay in place on hot summer days.

So I decided to be brave and invested in the Eyelure Dylash kit in Black, approx £6.50 from Superdrug or Boots. Annoyingly, mine didn’t come with instructions so I did the totally sensible thing of just guessing what I should do.


It comes with an activating solution, a tube of dye, a useless little mixing dish and a teeny cocktail stick for mixing with, a mascara/brow brush and those weird little paper things that go under your eye.

Here are my brows, pre- dye.

They need tidying up with some tweezers but I figured I’d do that afterwards.

I completely surrounded my eye (rather excessively) with Vaseline and took the time to draw out the desired shape around my brow. Mixing the dye was quite hard without instructions- 5 drops of activating solution and 2cm of dye (which I found to be quite vague). I also found it totally impossible to just get 5 drops out of the dropper bottle, so I’d recommend doing that first so you can pour away any excess without losing dye paste. It took a while to get it to what I considered a standard consistency, even then it seemed a little too watery.

I then splodged the dye on all over the brow, then carefully took a cotton bud to tidy up the shape. This is where the vaseline came in handy as it actually aided the removal of excess dye.

I brushed my brows through with the mascara wand to make sure the dye was evenly distributed evenly and left it for about 15 minutes, a time I casually guessed at from my professional brow dye experiences. I spent the 15 minutes listening to my other half constantly question how good an idea this was, had he not been there I might have left them for 20.

I then washed through with two cotton pads soaked in warm water.


Et voila!


I don’t think this worked out too badly but I doubt I’ll be doing it again. For a start my stress levels were through the roof the whole time, as were Alex’s. Secondly, the colour really isn’t dark enough for my liking; I’m of the thought that MORE IS MORE! This looks a bit too natural for me. Thirdly, it only costs £12 for my standard eyebrow treatment and this cost me almost £7, plus I have to go anyway to get them waxed (something I definitely won’t be trying myself).

I also doubt I’ll be putting this on my lashes and my eyes started to sting and water when it was only on my brows! Props to you wonderful ladies who do this yourself at home, I have nothing but admiration for you!


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