TAG! Fantasy Dinner Party


You all Know the rules….

  1. 5 guests + yourself, relatives allowed but it’s more interesting if it’s a public figure.
  2. Dead or Alive
  3. Any language.
  4. Fictional characters allowed!

1. Dawn French


Just because I love her and I think she’d make great after-dinner conversation.

2. Lily Savage

Would keep the wine glasses topped up and knows all the tactics for getting gossip out of people.

3. Mick Jones (The Clash)

My favourite band ever. I was always a fan of Joe Strummer as a teen but as I’ve aged I’ve realised that it was Mick who wrote all the best songs. I bet he’s got some tales to tell.

4. Iain Banks


Because everyone needs a little intellectual conversation every now and then. Plus, I imagine he likes a drink.

5. Phil Lynott


I still find the Thin Lizzy front man a bit of an enigma, even after all the biographies, interviews and documentaries. It seems no one can quite agree as to whether he was an egotistical maniac or a tragic soul; I’d love to see for myself. (And I think he’s beautiful, so I could put up with egotistical maniac).

I tag: Crazy Train To Tinky Town, Sinful Stilettos and Cupcake Sakura.

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