The future!! I see it!!


For someone “beauty minded”, I really neglect my nails.

For instance, I painted my nails gunmetal grey for a party on the 24th November and I am yet to remove the polish, which is now nothing more than specks of dirt on the occasional bit of nail.

I’m pretty reluctant to invest any serious time in my nails for a few reasons:

  • I don’t actually have the time.
  • Chipping occurs in a matter of hours rendering my effort exasperatingly pointless.
  • I’m too lazy to take my nail polish off once I’ve painted them, meaning my nails often look worse several days down the line.
  • My home manicures rarely look professional.
  • People think I should be good at nails because I’m arty and do makeup, but actually I’m crap at nails and it’s a bit embarassing.
  • Nail stuff is expensive and requires patience.

I used to spend a lot of time and money having my nails done professionally, mainly acrylics and I’d go a bit nuts on colours and designs and stuff. But it’s a costly process, most acrylic sets would cost me in the region of £35 and although it was always nice to look at my hands and think they looked nice, it only ever lasted a few weeks before they grew out or I got bored. That’s not to mention that once setting foot in a salon I’d be in there for 1-2 hours, time I haven’t really got to spare!!

So anyway, I saw an old colleague on a night out last week and her nails were amazing! Super long (so long I was wondering how she actually used her hands on a day-to-day basis) and festive! Blue with white and silver snowflakes, the occasional rhinestone embedded in them, totes my thing. I was amazed when she told me she had found a girl on eBay who painted acrylic glue-on nails to your specifications and posted them to you!!!!! Manicures that don’t require leaving the house!!!!

I’ve been looking into this and I’m now quite obsessed with the entire concept.

I don’t have to go to a salon. I don’t even have to go to a shop. I can wear my nails for one night, take them off and SAVE THEM FOR ANOTHER OCCASION. It literally takes 5 minutes to stick them on. No one else will have the same ones. I CAN TOTALLY LIE AND SAY I DID THEM MYSELF!! Most importantly I can have proper indecent talons for a night out then take them off for work the next day!!!

I have ordered a pair from eBay user Carla.nailsuk


I thought these were pretty festive and can’t moan about the price, just under £7 per set. There are loads of fab nail artists doing designs on eBay, definitely worth checking out if (like me) you can’t be trusted to do your own nails.


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