Wunderbar! £2 Christmas Lips.


I am a really huge fan of bold lip colour. I’ve always thought the easiest way to update that vintage cat eye look is to swap your lip colour from red to, well, whatever you want really and you end up with a modern yet classy twist on a well-rehearsed makeup look.

But I do have an issue with lipstick. Not so much lipstick itself but my behaviour as the person responsible for the lipstick; Yes, I always lose it. You see, eyeshadow stays all warm and safe in it’s little case at home, as does foundation as I never take a full size one anywhere with me. Lipsticks though (and concealers!), I just can’t manage to keep them in my hand bag. I get drunk and lose them, or get drunk and give them away, or let someone try them and never get them back! So I sort of decided a long time ago that my relationship with travelling lip wear was through and, although I still buy a lot of expensive lipsticks, it’s very rare they go to parties with me….

Anywho, I spotted these in a recent Avon campaign along with the Read My Lips gloss. I was pretty dubious at first as the colour payoff in the professional photographs was pretty fabulous and I didn’t think a £2 product could achieve that sort of look.


Well, it turns out they can. Sort of.

I’ve bought 4 of these so far, all £2 or less (the cheapest being £1.75) and have been merrily surprised ever time. The consistency is creamy and moisturising and depending on the shade you buy the pigmentation is amazing! Specifically, the Doll Pink and Poppy Love provide a really good coverage and I’ve not experienced any bleeding or feathering with them.


Due to the creamy consistency of the product, these would also be great for mixing/overlaying and making hybrid colours!

Plus the last pretty well, I took this photograph about an hour after application and had had some lunch and cuppa in that time!


There is a downside though. In many cases, the colours in the Avon brochure are a pretty poor representation of the actual product and, taking Poppy Love as an example, whilst I was expecting an orange based chilli-red to arrive it’s actually a red with a pink undertone.


Simlarly, Pink Holiday is too pale to cover my natural lip colour that well, so although I was left with a nice enough colour it is the matte pink Edie Sedgwick look I was expecting. Am I complaining about this? No, not for a £2 product.

So there are really two lots of feedback for this product. Yes, it’s great for what it costs, the colour selection is lively and modern and there is something there for all skin tones, I’d happily herald this alongside the NYX Round Lipsticks. But if you are trying to match your lippie to something specific, there is no guarantee here (a problem I commonly come accross with Avon items) and the quality standards don’t seem to be constant throughout the range. Plus the packaging is pretty crappy- for instance the lipsticks don’t feel “stable” and I can feel them moving about in the tube as I try to apply them. I don’t think there is any room for poor packaging in the modern beauty market, especially when NYX and Sleek (amongst others) have proven the low-cost brands don’t have to look cheap!

One final bug-bear in regards to this and every other Avon product: PRICING. The price of this lipstick is so erratic from campaign to campaign that it really makes a difference in whether this is a worthwhile purchase or not. I have bought these over 2 campaigns, in the first one the price was 2 for £4 and in the second they were £1.75 each (that’s a price bracket I can work with) but in the newest campaign they are £3.75 each! That’s a big difference, especially as I could pick up a Barry M lipstick from Superdrug, having tested and swatched it in store before buying, for £4.50. Similarly, Sleek Pout Paint and True Colour Lipstick both retail at £4.99 and the pigmentation in those is AY-MAY-ZING and I know what I’m getting when I leave the store.

So £2- yes, buy them. Any more than that and you can explore your options.


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