Illamasqua Mystery Boxes are reduced in Debenhams!


For those of you who do not know, Illamasqua put together two Mystery boxes which are exclusively available in Debenhams. In both kits you get 2 “standard” products and 4 random ones.

The two options are the Alter Ego selection, £25.33 reduced from £38


Which contains:

  1. Nail Varnish in Collide (bright pink)
  2. Liquid Metal in Electrum (gold)
  3. Mystery Lipgloss
  4. Mystery Lipstick
  5. Mystery Powder Eye Shadow
  6. Mystery Powder Blusher

Or the Eyes and Nails selection, £23.33 reduced from £35.


Which Contains:

  1. Precision Ink in Glister (opalescent nude) which can be used as a liner or nail art pen.
  2. Liquid Metal in Electrum
  3. Mystery Nail Varnish
  4. Mystery Nail Varnish
  5. MysteryPowder Shadow
  6. Mystery Powder Shadow

The only thing that sucks about this is that Electrum is the liquid metal that appears in both boxes, also I would have loved the inclusion of a pencil as I’ve never tried one.

True, you have no idea what products that you are going to end up with so I understand how this is a little troublesome if you are new to the brand, but in my opinion it’s the best way to try out without spending a fortune. I’ve spent some time googling the Debenhams boxes (something similar was put together for Sephora in the States) and it seems that nobody has received any totally off the wall products!

From Eyeliner & Spraypaint


From Smeemies


From The Beauty Fiend


From Bond Girl Beauty


From Second Hand News


From Gutterflower Beauty


So as you can see it’s a very mixed bag and would totally depend on what you received if you like it. I’ve ordered both, so will keep you updated on what arrives!!


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  1. Bought a few because they went down again and I got a gold lipstick, a grey lip gloss, black lip gloss and a white blush… not so lucky.

    • No- not very lucky at all!
      I think with the unusual colours you can’t even use them to judge the quality of the brand because the quality differs so much from colour to colour. I find there is a lot of inconsistency with Illamasqua and it puts me off buying a lot of the time, especially if I am buying online 😦

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