Squee: My first Illamasqua Mystery Box arrived :)


Apologies for these crappy photographs.

The first of two Mystery Boxes arrived this morning, lord knows why I’ve only got one as I ordered two together, but you can never depend on Debenhams shipping so I’m not surprised.

It came in a shitton of bubble wrap and was in perfect condition, no complaints there. I have to say I had a little flutter of nervous excitement and I was also a bit worried!! Thought it would be just my luck that I’d get a load of shite.


I love these art-deco themed boxes, these would make a lovely gift. Anyway……



On first glance my eyes were drawn to that immense BRIGHT ORANGE nail polish. I am very impressed with that madness, I can’t wait to take these crappy acrylic nails off so I can paint them.


The orange polish is Gamma, I adore it. I also got nail polish in Jan, which is a pastel mauve-lilac colour which I like very much although am a little disappointed as I already have the Collection 2000 equivalent in Dynasty.


I also received powder eye shadows in Control (white) and Flasher (khaki/olive green?). Both are discontinued, which I expected and, although neither are as exciting as I had hoped, I would find a use for them both.

Also included is the Liquid Metal in Electrum and the Precision Ink in Glister, as promised. Now, I wasn’t looking forward to either of these but I have to say the Ink is AMAZING. For such a nude colour, the colour payoff is remarkable and the staying power is the best i’ve come across, EVER. I swatched this on the back of my hand this afternoon and it has not budged 5 hours later. I’ve washed my hands to cook dinner and, as we speak, I’m licking my finger and rubbing and it isn’t moving. This makes me wonder how you get it off but I am not complaining!

I’m going to try out the shadows tonight so will post some photographs later on, I can’t bloody wait to paint something with that orange polish either! 

Looking forward to part 2 !


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