New Years Resolutions.



So it’s that time of year, where we promise things to ourselves that inevitably never quite work out. Hell, it’s still work a go!

1. I really need to lose weight. I’ve never been thin, but since putting on my wedding dress I haven’t stopped putting food in my mouth. I’m not detirmined to be a size 8 or anything, but it would be nice to be not quite as fat.

2. I will take care my nails. That means no more acrylics. I’ve just spent 2 hours taking the last set off and my nails are buggered. I got 2 lovely OPI sets for Xmas, Nail envy included, so I’m going to start looking after my own and for those very special occasions I’ll buy in those custom falsies I was talking about the other day.

3. I will spend less on makeup and save more. I dread to think what I spend on beauty in a year, I imagine that could get me and hubby on a decent holiday every year! Time to try a frugal february I think.

I think that will do for now! Don’t want to overwhelm myself.


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  1. You are going to do none of those things, you will most likely regret making resolutions, but go ahead, because regret isn’t going to see the light of day, we tend to forget those those resolutions instead, and you can’t regret was you can’t remember, right Jez!
    So, my dear, make a long list.

      • New Years resolutions are not about honesty, it’s about making ourselves feel good, isn’t it! Better to lie to yourself than have someone do it for you, at least you know your lie is the truth! Get a move on, Baroness von Savage, you’ve got a long list to make(lol)

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