The diet starts on Tuesday.


That means I’ve got a few days to get unhealthy eating out of my system- I’m starting tonight with rum and pizza!!

As usual, I’ll be doing Slimming World. I’ve done SW on two previous occasions; when I was 21 I lost 4 stone and in the run up to my wedding I lost 2. I didn’t much much effort in either time but now I feel I’m at an age where I really need to start watching my weight. I worry that one day I’ll wake up and be 20st and wonder how it happened 😦

I’ve said before that I’ll never be thin. I simply enjoy food and socialising too much.

So here is to a few days of obscene eating before being sensible starts! *raises a glass*


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  1. I’ll raise you pickle chips, that’s what i’ll raise you!
    *munch munch*
    And that’s FINE, we all have a week once a month to go crazy. Good luck in your healthy eating adventures! 😀 go go Jerri!

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