Review: Avon SuperDrama Mascara


As I’ve mentioned before I’m quite a big fan of Avon mascaras. I don’t think you complain about the quality when you look at the price but the one thing that always gets my goat is the erratic pricing in Avon campaign brochures. One week you can pay £10 for a product, the next it’s 3 for £10, which I understand is how business works but I always need stuff the week it’s full price.

Anyway, I have found an answer to this problem. Lots of Avon reps list products on eBay at what seems to be the best price available. I purchased this, for the sake of experimentation, from Gemvtay_avon, the listing can be found here. It cost a mere £2.99 and as I bought a variety of items I paid 99p for p&p, still cheaper than paying £5 from a catalogue.



Avon believe they have broken the boundaries of mascara application with their new wand- rather than an applicator made of thousands of plastic or rubber bristles, this wand is made from miniature fan-shapes which promise to lengthen and volumise.



It’s a novel concept, one which I was keen to try and at £2.99 (cheaper than a “drugstore” mascara) I thought it was worth the expenditure. I wasn’t (completely) disappointed.

Firstly, this mascara takes ages to apply. I’m not talking two coats, you’ll need three coats to notice a difference here. Saying that, if you take the time to apply it properly you’ll find that it applies cleanly and precisely; every lash is coated evenly and the wand is both big enough to cover lash from root to tip but small enough to get into those niggly areas like inner corners and bottom lash line. Secondly, it neither clogs up or makes your lashes look spider-y. Thirdly, it isn’t uncomfortable, which I can only hope you understand when it comes to mascara, as it’s neither drying or overly hard (a problem I often find with the Avon Supershock). I didn’t experience and significant increase in volume, but I can forgive that from a product as cheap as this. besides, lengthening mascaras are fabulous for applying over false lashes as it won’t build up too much and make them look clumpy.

I apologise that these photographs are not brilliant, I only have my phone for examples, but can you see how my left eye looks wider and brighter than my right? My right eye looks a bit weird, a bit lazy (which I can assure you it is not!) (admittedly this is a terrible photograph of moi).



Dear lord, my head looks exceptionally round on this!

So, as a summary, for the low price I’m quite impressed. I didn’t witness any of the promised volume but I can certainly see length and, after 8 hours of wear, I see no major fault with this product. My eyes are still comfortable and my lashes looks as long and lustrous as when I took this photograph (although the rest of me does not). Definitely worth the £2.99 I paid for it and an item I can see me adding to my ever-growing collection of mascaras! Maybe not an every day item, due to the effort application demands, but one which I’ll take the time to apply on a special night out.


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