A word of warning: the aftermath of acrylic nails.


Even after saying I wasn’t going to have acrylic done ever again, I unfortunately did. Namely because my friend is a nail tech and bullied me into it, partly because it was Christmas and I felt that I should go out with a bang!

My nails were not for the faint hearted, in fact I imagine most people will find them too ridiculous, but that’s just the kind of thing I end up doing when I feel festive. Anyway, they were huge; horribly long, thick, knobbly…just horrendous to have to deal with on a day to day basis. I regretted them immediately after leaving the salon, when I couldn’t get my hand far enough in my pocket to get my money for the bus.

nails4 nails5

So they stayed on for the Christmas period even though it nearly killed me, as soon as New Year was out the way I took my self to the chemist and bought a bottle of acetone to soak them off. I’e done this several times before and, although I find it quite tedious, I’ve never had a problem. Til now! I soaked them initially for a couple of hours after cutting the ends off to shorten them. The first resulted basically resulted in the nail art coming off, but that was all I was getting. The next day, I bought a second bottle of acetone and repeated the process. trying to file with a battery-powered shaper. I got a bit further, this time at least filing them down to a natural length but my nails were left really bumpy and wobbly.

Finally, last night, I tried a third bottle of acetone and settled down for an hour or so, repeating the filing/scraping.soaking process. After about half an hour, most of them were off except my two little nails. These were still quite firmly on. In the end, I prized the nail away from my natural nail and squeezed a few drops of Sally Hansen cuticle oil down there; after much rubbing and squeezing I managed to ping them both off, but I hae to admit it really hurt.

My nails are now officially fucked. Apart from being horribly dry and bristle (from the acetone I should imagine), there is visible damage to the top layers of the nail and it looks as though some of the layers have been ripped off. Each nail now has a horrible rough patch in the centre and i’m experiencing some amount of discomfort underneath, I imagine it’s a pretty sensitive area to be messing with 😦


Some of my nails still have acrylic and glitter on!! After 3 bottles of acetone!!


Visible damage to the nail bed which is dry and flaky.


Patches of nail that have been come away completely.

I took these photos straight after the cuticle oil when I’d gotten all of the nails off, so my cuticles don’t look too bad but I can guarantee they are 😦

Tonight, I’m going to cut them short to limit the opportunity for them to catch and rip further. I’m undecided as to whether I should buff them or not? Let them repair themselves and potential weaken them further by totally removing the top layer? I don’t know what is best, but I got some OPI Nail Envy for Xmas so my plan tonight is be nice to them in the hope that they go back to normal sooner rather than later!!

This is the worst experience with acrylic nails I’ve had. I’m half tempted to ask my friend which brand of acrylic she uses so I can warn people. This has totally put me off acrylics…for good.


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    • Will give almond oil a go, my nails are in a desperate state at the moment. It’s a vicious circle! Get nails done to look good, take them off and look like a scruff so get them done again to feel better. Determined this time to have nice natural nails by the end of the year!

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