First shopping experience with ASOS and Paul & Joe.


I know it’s one of the biggest online fashion & beauty retailers but for some reason I’ve just never gotten around to shopping with them! I guess the brands they stock are either all available elsewhere or just not that appealing to me, until now that is.

I read an online review over Xmas about the Paul & Joe cosmetics line. It seems the fashion house have also come up with a pretty awesome range of makeup and, you know me, having read this I had to give it a go. My usual protocol when checking out a new brand is to find a couple of products for as little money as possible, if I like them I’ll start splurging on the the full price stuff. There is of course a downside to this; if I don’t like the first few products I buy then I tend to never bother again. I can be very bloody minded like that.

Anyhoo, in search of something cheap I came accross the ASOS sale, whereby there were a variety of products from the Midsummer Nights Dream collection on offer. Incidentally, one of the things I love about the Paul & Joe range is that the packaging varies between collection and all looks very pretty on a a dressing table.

paul and joe a mid summer night collection lip glosses blush nail polish varnish body lotion review

Obviously I didn’t buy all of this but look how pretty it is!!

From the range I purchased the lip gloss in Love Potion, which is that bright pink colour on the end, as well as the blush in Nubile which is the middle one on the top row. Not only did I think these colours looked pretty awesome in a wearable sort of way, I also loved the names which is in part why I picked them :/

The shopping experience with ASOS was ok. Firstly, I couldn’t get the paypal option to work at all and my order was cancelled twice because of website issues. Secondly, delivery took longer than promised (although it was free) and when I contacted them to query where my parcel was ASOS only respond with a standard email made up of delivery information already available on the site. I found this infuriating. My original contact form asked how overdue delivery was so, although I can appreciate how sending a standard response cuts back on admin on their part, I felt as though sending a detailed message in the first place was a waste of my time.

So, the items eventually arrived (3 days late) but I was still excited to receive them. Shouldn’t have bothered. The outer packaging of the products is beautiful, very art nouveau, kind of Mucha inspired greens and golds. Similarly, the actual product packaging is nice (not as nice as it seemed on the internets though) and something I’m quite proud to have about my person. Products are pretty uninspiring. The gloss is not the bright cerise pink I was expecting- it’s actually quite dull and muted, even though it’s packed full of shimmer. The blush is similarly disappointing as it has a much browner undertone that I was expecting.

In light of this I’ve decided not to even bother testing them, I have lots of blushes and glosses in colours close to these and for that reason I thought it best to stash these away somewhere for an upcoming birthday. That’s how uninspired I am by them, I don’t even feel the desire to stick my finger in them (unheard of!).

So would I use ASOS again? Yes, probably, if I ever need to. Paul & Joe? No, probably not (until they release next years beautifully packed limited editions and then I’ll no doubt change my mind). Sadface.


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