Review: Mild East Gel Polish Kit


As you all know my main objective for january was to take care of my nails a bit! I’ve actually been very good, using Nail Envy all the time and keeping the polish looking nice (albeit doing them about once a week, but it’s an improvement on my previous form!).

I get a little frustrated with the life of polish though, it only ever lasts 3-4 days on me regardless of base coat/top coat/chip skip etc so as an after Christmas treat (am I the only person who does that?) I decided to buy a cheap but interesting looking soak off gel-polish kit from ebay. If you search there are hundreds of varieties and kits containing all sorts of different stuff but, as I am a newbie to this kind of thing, I opted for a reasonably cheap one.


This was from Butterflybeauty168 and cost me a measly £11.57 including postage from the UK. For that amount I thought it was worth a shot at least! In the kit came:

  • 6 way nail file/buffer
  • cuticle nippers
  • cuticle pusher
  • toe seperators
  • cuticle il
  • base primer
  • non-sticky top coat
  • 6 nail colours

I absolutely adored the selection of nail colours and, after doing a lot of research, came to the conclusion that if the base/top coat were utter rubbish then I could at least splash out on a branded version (CID, Bluesky etc…) and still use the actual colours (it seems that those high end base/top coats can also be used with standard nail polish!).

If you find yourself getting on with this kit you can also just buy packs of six colours for £7.45, which saves on buying all the other stuff all the time.

Some of the feedback for this seller is horrific, normally that would be enough to put me off but I didn’t actually look until after I had bought it and to be fair to them it seems they ship so much stuff that they are bound to have complaints. The complaints range from delivery time (mine arrived 11 days before the estimated date) and issue with product quality, such as the top coat bubbling or just not setting at all. Having read the complaints I cannot find a single review about these Mild East products in either blog or vlog form, it’s all just one liners in the ebay feedback system.

Anyway, I had a little go of this today and I can honestly say, apart from me being an unqualified first-timer, I haven’t had a single issue. It took me a while to realise that the base coat was never going to completely dry (I don’t know if this is normal) but it retained a slight tackiness until the colour went on. Once I’d done my 2 coats of colour, curing them under the UV lamp for slightly longer than recommended everything was fine. I didn’t experience any bubbling of the top coat and the whole thing looks pretty smooth and glossy on my nails (albeit a bit messy, like I said; I’m new). I got a little of the product onto the surrounding nail and had heard about all sorts of contra-indications but it came off easily enough and I haven’t experienced any pain or discomfort with it.


Only time will tell if it’s durable enough to truly be worth the effort (I got through 2 episodes of Friends faffing about with this!) so I will post a follow up blog in a few days!

Edit: I thought it would be worth adding to the end of this, as my sister in law came around yesterday and also had a little try. She wizzed through and had both sets of nails done in half the time that it took me. The nails ended looking lovely with only one minor problem, a tiny bubble on her pinky nail (which I presume no one would notice unless you pointed it out). Seen as it’s only happened on one nail, I think it is because of the speed in which she applied them and the general rush (I was much more determined to get mine perfect). So I don’t think it’s a fault with the item.


I really love this colour (it’s more of a salmon/coral pink than it appears on the photographs) and will be amazing for summer. In fact, I love all of the colours in the kit and, as long as these stay put for the best part of a week, I’ll definitely be buying more.

I’m had mine on for a full 24 hours now and still no complaints. I shall be getting a bath in a bit and think this may be the first sign of peeling! But I shall let you all know.


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  1. Mine haven’t, they are still perfect (well, not that they were perfect to start with!) but my sister in laws cracked and chipped off within 24 hours. As I said, she really rushed putting them on whereas I was quite meticulous about it. I think that must be the trick!

  2. i just bought this mild east kit too, thankyou for doing the review there is NOTHING out there on them, i’ll do one on my youtube channel when I get them 🙂

    • I’m on Day 4 now and my two thumb nails have chipped, but the rest are still perfect! I had Shellac done by a professional before and that didn’t last long on me at all so I’m quite happy with these, especially given the price. Will look forward to your vlog! x

      • I got the base coat and the non sticky top coat of this brand (from the same dealer) along with Cheeka soak off gel polishes in the middle but the very next day they peeled right off my nails one by one… (but I cleaned after the first sticky coat with alchool maybe I need to try without doing that). I also noticed that the base coat shrinks back until it gets cured and doesn’t cover the whole nail. I have bought the IDB power bond, base and to coat now and I’ve tried them with the Cheeka colors I have… Lets hope they will be fine… I would really like to save some money at least from the colors…

      • Hey, sorry for the delay I’ve only just managed to log back into my blog after months of forgetting my password! Have you had any more luck with these?

  3. Thanks so much I have the same kit from ebay. I have been having different results some good for a few minutes . Some bad. When I don’t add primer or top coat it seems to be shiny but it won’t stay . When I add primer and top coat it bubbles . Frustrating!

    • I’ve seen a lot of reviews on the ebay feedback page that say the same thing. I’ve used the primer and top coat with a regular OPI nail polish and that stayed put for about 4 days for me, plus I didn’t experience any bubbling. I wonder if it is down to the UV light? I use a 36w one, cheap also from ebay. I know my cousin had a 9w one that she struggled with, the top coat would not set at all with it.
      My big issue with this stuff is it really ruins my nails when I take it off. My nails are really damaged anyway from all the years of acrylics so I’m not 100% whether it’s down to the kit or if my nails are just prone to peeling.
      Either way, good luck! Let me know how it goes x

  4. Hi,

    Im so glad I found this review! I have been struggling with using this Gel polish and thinking of getting a shellac instead. For some reason they always chip the next day. I dont know If im putting too much on or too little. could you tell me how many coats you did? and how thick they were?

    It would be a great help! thanks 🙂

    • Hi Hoppy!

      I found I had the same trouble, i’ve given up for now lol! Mine don’t chip though, they just completely fall off!! They seem to be just fine and next thing I know it’s missing.

      Someone suggested I need to use a gel bonder prior to the base coat to help them stick!

    • Hey!
      I had the same issue. I tried with normal layers and with very thin ones (it needed 3 layers of color so 5 layers with base and top coat) but nothing! I have the same results always…
      I now tried with IDB power bond and base coat with Cheeka color and Mild East non sticky top coat to see if I can use the top coat at least… We’ll see..

      • Oh! I wanted to try this too (put IDB powerbond first and the mild east base coat, cheeka color and mild east non sticky top coat) but I didn’t tried it becase I noticed the base coat shrinks back and I assumed it wasn’t a quality product… But it would be a nice idea to try it..

  5. Hi Guys just reading through your comments, i also use the same range of products, the keys to any gel manicure is making the surface of your nail rough, so firstly your nail should be lightly filed espically in the areas prone for peeling/ chipping. then a your first coat of gel should be applied, a clenser should be used to remove tacky gel, (highly important to create a smooth surface) then colour should be applied,two coats normally, and then your top coat. all with using cleaner and lint free wipes in between each gel application.

  6. Did you use a nail prep and nail primer with the shellac? I am using a similar ‘brand’ we can say and mines are perfect even after 1 week (ok, to be completely honest, I needed to redo 1 of them yesterday, but the rest is still shiny and good) and the sticky stuff on the top – that is normal, you need to clean it off with a cleanser.

  7. Hi everybody,
    Yesterday i recieved 10 gel polishes from ebay (mild east).I did my nails,and i was extremely dizzy because of the strong smell..Do you have the same problem ?? i dont want to use them in other women yet..I am afraid thath i will throw them away finally…What is your opinion about that ??Sorry for my english i live in Greece…

    • Hi Persa, no I didn’t have this problem. Where you in a well ventilated area?
      Tha doesn’t sound like a very good start and maybe you shouldn’t try them on anyone else yet 😦

  8. For all gel applications nail prep is important, cuticles should be pushed back and the nail dehydrated and primer applied before the base coat,this will stop any uplifting of the product also capping the free edges of the nail will prevent chipping. A light file of the nail will also help adhesion but don’t go crazy as it will damage the nail:) hope tis helps everyone

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