Mild East Gel Polish: Day 2 Review


So if you have read my first review of the Mild East Gel Polish kit you’ll know that I promised a follow up of how I was getting on with it.

I applied this at about 1pm on Saturday and it is now Midnight on Monday night and I’ve been doing all that standard stuff like having a wash, going to work, washing the dishes, crafting, cooking etc etc

Up to now I’ve not noticed any peeling and my nails are largely intact. There was one minor issue, when doing my friends nails I accidentally filled my own and ended up with a little chip on my thumb:


The corners of my nails are certainly the weakest part so I imagine general wear and tear has added to this, but it has only happened on the one nail. Although I was tempted to peel the whole nail off I instead decided (in the interests of science) to attempt to fill in the chip with the base coat and colour and then finish with a generous coating of top coat all over the nail.


I think it turned out OK, it’s hardly noticeable. I also realised that when the UV lamp is on I can see where the top coat is wearing off (or thinning) on other nails, which I quite like as it allowed me to touch up where necessary.

I’ll be interested to see how long this stays put for after the touch-up. Other than that, apart from slight wearing on the tips of the nails and the messy bits near to the cuticle (which is probably all down to an unpracticed application technique) this gel polish is holding up really well.

My sister in law is having less success. The day after she applied them, most of the nails had cracked and chipping had occurred on a couple of them. As I said in the original post, she rushed the application and didn’t bother with the basic steps like pushing cuticles back. Also, her nails are much weaker than mine to begin with and I’m wondering if that has an effect on the durability of the product.

I took some time this afternoon to also do my BFF’s nails. We didn’t file them as it freaks her out, but it gave me an opportunity to use two of the other colours in the pack; the marine green and acid yellow. I have to say that these two colours where a lot thinner than the lilac and pink and if I’m honest could have done with a third coat to get the colour perfect. Still, she was impressed with the final outcome and is another person to test out the product on.


If I get some time tomorrow I’m going to try the remaining two colours out on my toes (blue and orange- they hardly go but it’s winter and who is going to see my feet!) just so I can give a more hollistic review of the kit. Having had my toe nails shellac-ed in the past I know that it doesn’t usually crack or chip at all, and if I can get away with a reasonable result on my toe nails it would be enough to convince me to buy a second set of colours. At least that way I can save £15ish on summer pedicures!

Day 4 review will be up in a couple of days…fingers crossed that the product prevails until then!


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