Mild East Gel Polish Kit Day 4: The End Is Nigh….


If you’ve been following the previous installments of my Mild East review (found here and here) you’ll know that I’ve been getting on with this product quite well. I was super impressed with the high gloss finish and up to day three had seen only one sign of disintegration (which I put down to noob application!). Well today the downward spiral continued as I lost a large chunk from the other thumb aswell as losing the “repaired” bit from the original thumb.



There has been some general wear and tear on the other nails, mainly at the tips where some of the colour is thinning off, but I don’t think that is too much to worry about. It’s worth bearing in mind that I’m constantly using my hands in work and I wash them/soak them in water a lot, so it’s not surprising that there has been some degree of erosion. When I lost the two major chips off my thunbs I was having a fight with a roll of sellotape!



Now that I’m not feeling as precious about my nails (getting a bit bored of the colour now!) I had a little mess with the edges in an attempt to see if they were peeling or lifting anywhere else. Even around the chips, the polish is still quite firmly attatched to the nail and I’d struggle to pull it off. Same goes for the undamaged nails- If I wanted to get these off at this point in time it would take soaking or minor trauma to do so.

I expect that the next update (in another 2 days) will mark the end of these nails, but so far I’m still impressed. I’ve not got around to it yet but I will definitely be trying them out on my toes as I expect there will be greater success. I’ve also got a few designs on trying rock star (glitter) nails with this kit and wonder if that will shorten or prolong the final finish?

In the mean time, if you have any questions please drop me a comment and I will be sure to test it out and give you an answer!


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