Mild East Gel Polish Review Day 6: Reapplication, Glitter and Removal!


So we’ve come to the end of what must be the most detailed review I’ve ever done of a single product and I hope it’s given you all a better insight into this item!

By Day 5 my thumb nails were chipped to hell so I made the decision to remove them and (in the name of science!) reapply them as my other nails were all getting on pretty well. I took the opportunity to practice glitter “rock star” nails, which was a pretty easy process.


  • apply base coat, cure for 2 minutes
  • apply first coat of colour, cure for 2 minutes
  • apply second coat of colour and press glitter of choice into the tacky colour coat. Tap off excess, cure for 2 minutes.
  • Apply one coat of gel top coat, cure for 2 minutes.
  • Apply second coat of top coat, cure for final 2 minutes.

I was really impressed with how these turned out and I love how smooth they feel: Glitter nails usually annoy me as they are rough to touch but these are really smooth and don’t catch on anything. Plus once they are on I don’t find chunks of glitter in my hair/on my face/all over my dog etc.

Apart from the resounding success of quick and easy Rock Star nails, my other fingers gave up the ghost on friday night/Saturday day time and I was left with major chips in a few nails. It seems that once a small chip appears then you are buggered. They just keep getting bigger and bigger!


But as you can see some of my other nails where still perfect:


I had re-applied the gel top coat to these on Thursday and it seems that that simple step kept them in place for a while longer. Also, when a minor chip did appear it was easy to limit damage by adding a thicker layer of topcoat over the chipped area.

So 6 days down the line I was a little fed up with the colour and think I had proved a reasonable point that with careful application and following the full (tedious) application process you could get a decent life span out of this product. Just to remind you all, I removed and pushed back my cuticles before applying these and also made sure my nails were completely clean and dry, plus I buffed them a little to give a rough surface on which to start with my base coat. I honestly think that made a big difference.

Anyway…I soaked these off with pure acetone and didn’t really expect any problems getting them off. So many people have complained how easy these just peeled away. Wrong. I soaked them for a good 20 minutes and after that, although they had lifted around the edges and cuticles I still had to chip away at them with an orange stick. The middle bits seemed completely insusceptible to acetone and in the end I had no choice (or patience) other than to prize them off. Unfortunately, my nails were destroyed when they were finally removed.


Let’s not forget that my nails weren’t in a brilliant state anyway and I presume that the damage that occurred after my last set of acrylics is still partly responsible for the enduring damage shown above (as there are no issues with the lower half of the nail, which has grown through since the last set of acrylics were on). Still I was pretty disappointed and have decided not to reapply this gel polish (to my fingers at least) until this flaky, brittle areas has grown out.

I’m still going to give these a go on my toe nails though, as promised. I imagine that they’d last quite a long time as the toe nails don’t tend to suffer from general wear and tear the same way fingernails do. For now, my nails are being treated to a full course of OPI Nail Envy and I will be painting them only with polish until they are in tip top condition!

Overall I’d definitely reccomend this stuff. It’s not the answer to all of your nail woes but I think if you are looking for a perfect manicure to last a few days (long weekend, wedding) then this is a fantastic and inexpensive home solution to Shellac!

As a recap, I bought my kit from ButterflyBeauty168 on Ebay and I purchased the starter kit (6 colours, base and top coat, general nail care crap) for £11.57. My next plan is to buy the colour only sets, in which you get 6 colours for £7.55!

My other reviews can be found here, here and here. Enjoy!


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