A full month of dieting: Done.


As I’ve said before i’m not keen for my blog to become a homage to dieting but, for my own benefit, I’m intending to do a monthly update to spur myself along.

Monthly markers make sense to me so I’m here to boast that I’ve managed a full 31 days of dieting with absolutely NO chocolate or crisps and so few units of alcohol that I can count them on my fingers. At the three week mark I had lost a marvellous 13.5bls but unfortunately Mother Nature came calling last week and regardless of me sticking to plan 100% I put on 1.5lbs at this weeks weigh in. At slimming clubs, your period is (rather patronisingly) referred to as your “Star Week” and it’s normal to stay the same or gain due to hormones flying around everywhere and water retention. If you stick to plan you should see a greater-than-average loss the following week and, as I’ve kept all of the record cards from every slimming club I’ve ever been a member of, I’m expecting to at least hit my 1 stone award at Tuesdays weigh in.

I have to admit it has been a tougher than average week, maybe because I’m experiencing cravings for Galaxy Ripples so badly that I’d swap my husband for one. My weekly menu has still been satisfying and I’ve noticed that my appetite is reducing, particularly during the day when I’ve caught myself missing lunch (something I would never have done before!).

We tried out a new recipe this week that I stumbled upon at Slimming Eats, a blog started by a hardcore Slimming World follower with a wonderful arsenal of exciting, low fat food. The Butternut Squash Stuffed With Spicy Chicken & Rice was lovely, although admittedly required a lot of faff to cook. We tweaked the chicken & rice recipe to our own tastes and added some chorizo (100g of chorizo is about 9 syns) but we seemed to have the most defiant squash known to man which took 2 hours to cook and even then was a bit hard!


The best part about this recipe was the leftovers. Having been left to stew in it’s own goo for a bit, the remnants of butternut squash were just the right consistency and created a thick saucy finish to the rice. Next time I cook this, I’ll simply be adding chunks of squash to the rice recipe rather than bothering to stuff one!

To finish off my month of good behaviour, hubby and I decided to order our first takeaway of 2013! Slimming World allows for some naughty gastronomy so I managed a lovely meal of beef in oyster sauce, boiled rice and a single spring roll which only cost me 12 syns.


It was full of stir-fry veg and I left the majority of the rice (see, smaller appetite) so I’m sure it was also 1/3 superfree 😀

Here is to another week of good behaviour and hopefully a full stone lost come Tuesday night!


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