Request: Nail Professionals, I need your help!


For most of January I have been quite preoccupied with my nails and now that we are a week in to February the craze hasn’t subsided. My main aim is to get my nails into a decent condition so that I can paint them at home and still be proud of them!

My concern though, I don’t really know what I’m doing. I have all the products and the good will is there, but why exactly do we have to soften our cuticles? And is constantly removing and reapplying nail polish/strengtheners doing my nails more harm than good?

So if there any nail technician-bloggers out there who read my blog, would you be interested in doing a Q&A interview for Shoeperduper? I’ll get all of my questions answered and hopefully hone my manicure technique and you’ll get some promotion for your blog 😀


In other news, I received my Supernails Nail Food set only 2 days after I ordered it! I had ordered a duo of the nail eat and the nail drink but it seems there was a special offer elsewhere on their site that I hadn’t seen in which the same set came with a free Zoom Therapy hand & nail lotion, so they sent me that (which I thought was nice and honest of them!).



On a negative note, their website is horrific to navigate and it’s a nightmare just looking at the standard Zoya nail polishes. To add insult to injury I emailed them with a couple of queries as to how best to use the product and the email constantly bounces back to me, same when I email the generic order/sales email address they used to confirm my order. That puts me off a bit.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll have a taker on the Nail Q&A!


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    • I think Essie is available in the UK so I will give that a go! Part of my problem with cuticles is that I just don’t understand why we need to look after them, is it to make them look nice or does it actually serve a purpose??

      • Yes, they serve a purpose.

        Cuticles are important for our nails because they protect our nail beds from germs and bacteria. If you cut/trim them too short, you can expose the nail bed, bleed, and infect your nail.
        It’s good to keep them moisturized too so the skin doesn’t become flaky and crack.

        Also, keeping them nicely moisturized with lotions, oils, and creams, makes them look healthy, clean, and neat.

      • Ah very well then! I shall plough on. I’m going away in a few months and would like my nails to be perfect for then. I’d usually get acrylics done for a trip abroad but I’m detirmined not to. Thank you for all of your advice x

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