A big moan about my face.


I have suffered all of my life with bad skin; sore, sensitive, acne prone, dry in parts,greasy in other parts, severely sensitive to a number of products and liable to suffer with eczema. Even now, at the grand old age of 28 my skin is very hit and miss and I’ve never really found a reliable routine for sorting it out. It always seems that just when I get used to a product and start to see an improvement, it takes a turn for the worse.

As a youngster, I tried every treatment for acne and spots and it never cleared. In many cases, I’d end up with these huge red welts underneath my skin and that included when I was using prescribed skin care regimes. When I was 17 I spoke to salesperson in a high end department store in Zurich, Switzerland and it was then that I had the revelation that my skin wasn’t acne prone; it was in fact hyper-sensitive and those bumps and lumps I was suffering from were merely a reaction to my sore skin and not a bacterial issue at all. She reccomended I try the L’Occitane Honey Floral Cleansing Jelly along with the matching moisturiser, but recommended that I needn’t use the moisturiser everyday, in fact it should be used sparingly and only on the dry patches of skin where I needed it.

Within a matter of days my skin looked amazing and it continued to do so for the entire time I used this combination of products. Skin bliss came to an end when (less than a year later) L’Occitane, the bastards, decided to discontinue the product. No prior warning, I couldn’t even stock up on it. There one day, gone the next.

Since then I’ve gone round in circles trying to find a perfect skin routine for my tempestuous skin. This has included:

  1. L’Occitane Foaming Rice Cleanser: not a patch on it’s predecessor.
  2. Elemis Rose Petal Cleanser & Soothing Apricot Toner: cream consistency left my skin too oily.
  3. Elemis Sensitive Cleanising Wash & Soothing Apricot Toner: felt clean but left my skin looking dull.
  4. Elemis Tri-Enzyme Cleanser: skin flared up within a matter of days.
  5. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish: hyper-allergic reaction, horrible stuff.
  6. Clinique 3 Step (Dry Combination): couldn’t get on with this at all.
  7. Avon Solutions Sensitive Cleanser & Moisturiser: Actually quite liked it, discontinued!
  8. Elemis Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser: left my skin too dry!
  9. Avon Rejuvenate 30+ Cleanser & Moisturiser with the occasional addition of Anew Clinicalscrub thing: a gift from my sister-in-law, I was never keen on it.
  10. Elemis Gel Cleanser: skin felt clean but still suffered from blemishes and left skin quite oily.

Now, looking at this list it appears that I’ve stuck to the same brands. I suppose having limited success with one product encouraged me to then try another from the same range, although sadly that hasn’t panned out. I dread to think what all of the above has cost me, it’s worth adding that some of these (like the Elemis Sensitive Cleansing wash) were OK for a period of time but I just wasn’t experiencing the success I had with the L’Occitane honey product and, given the high prices of some of these, decided to try something else.

I’ve had a reasonable amount of success with the Elemis Gel Cleanser, I hardly need to use a moisturiser with it but after a few days of continued use with nothing else my makeup feels like it is running down my face and then inevitably I’ll suffer with spots because of the excess oil.

So for Christmas my Mum bought me the new kid on the block, Emma Hardie’s Moringa Cleansing Balm. The list of ingredients is not all that disimilar from the Elemis Gel Cleanser but it comes in balm form rather than a gel and I wondered (before purchasing) whether the emulsifiers or whatever it is that makes the solid means it isn’t as oily as the Elemis.

So far, I’ve been using it every day since Xmas and haven’t experienced any contra-indications or excess oil on my skin. I don’t have to use a moisturiser with it but I do find my skin sometimes feel a little dry and after use my face can look a little red.

Still, my skin is not perfect. I’m getting spots on and around my chin, open pores on my cheeks and dry patches down my nose. Even using the Emma Hardie Rosehip Exfoliator seeds along with the balm I don’t seem to be seeing any improvement in my skin. It’s not getting any worse and that is a good thing, but will my skin ever look bright, fresh and glowy? It seems not.



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    • I was looking at that earlier actually! It seems the last lot of L’Occitane I tried has now also been discontinued (Rice) so might try oe of the new ranges. I always thought of the Immortelle as being anti-aging, but I guess I’m that age now (and starting to see wrinkles) where I should start using it. Thanks!

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