A very quick update on my nails…


I’ve been using the Supernails Nail Eat for 3 weeks now, as per the instructions, and am just about to switch over to the 3 weeks of Nail Drink.

My Nails are greatly inproved! There is still some flaking and peeling (something the Nail Drink promises to fix) but they are ROCK SOLID and I haven’t suffered a break since I’ve been using it.


Here is a photo with no product on whatsoever (they are a little shiny as I’d just used a conditioning polish remover). They need filing and shaping, but I’ve decided not to do that until the full Nail Food course is over and I’m detirmined not to damage them any further.

Just so you remember what they used to look like…



I’ll be doing a full review of this stuff when my 6 week course is over. It does have its’ flaws but (I have to say at this stage) I’ve seen much greater results than it’s major market competitor, OPI Nail Envy.


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