Where have I been?


Hi everyone!

You’ve not seen me about in a while because I lost my login details and everytime I tried to change my password that wouldn’t work either. I think WordPress just hated me for a while.  Then I went to Thailand for 2 weeks and I didn’t think about it, until now!

I’m going to get back on the blogging asap, I’ve missed you all!

Whilst in Thailand I bought a whole load of counterfeit makeup and althoughI’m not complaining about it for the price, I thought I might do a discussion blog about it as it seems a lot of these products have made it on to Ebay and people are purchasing them with the faith that they are genuine 😦 I only paid a few ££ for everything, including dupe Urban Decay and Make Up Forever palettes that look pretty good but were only about £4 each…so expect that from me soon.

How are we all??


Jerri x


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