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Where have I been?


Hi everyone!

You’ve not seen me about in a while because I lost my login details and everytime I tried to change my password that wouldn’t work either. I think WordPress just hated me for a while.  Then I went to Thailand for 2 weeks and I didn’t think about it, until now!

I’m going to get back on the blogging asap, I’ve missed you all!

Whilst in Thailand I bought a whole load of counterfeit makeup and althoughI’m not complaining about it for the price, I thought I might do a discussion blog about it as it seems a lot of these products have made it on to Ebay and people are purchasing them with the faith that they are genuine 😦 I only paid a few ££ for everything, including dupe Urban Decay and Make Up Forever palettes that look pretty good but were only about £4 each…so expect that from me soon.

How are we all??


Jerri x


It’s Christening Season! Time to expand the empire….


As I’ve posted before, I run a little side business making crystal and pearl Christening shoes.


For a long time I’ve only sold my wares on Etsy and this week decided to take the plunge and register on some other handmade sites around the world. Daisy of Dovecote is now registered with Folksy and DaWanda and soon on Zibbet. Hopefully, the idea of buying in your own currency will be somewhat more appealing to non US buyers!

I’ve never been brave enough to give up “proper” work for this, I’ve always kept my foot in the door with makeup work also, but recently business has boomed and it seems a new full-time career might be on the cards. I’m so nervous about it, but I can’t continue with what I’m doing (working 30 hours a week then spending another 30 making shoes!).

Any other crafty entrepeneurs out there?

A very quick update on my nails…


I’ve been using the Supernails Nail Eat for 3 weeks now, as per the instructions, and am just about to switch over to the 3 weeks of Nail Drink.

My Nails are greatly inproved! There is still some flaking and peeling (something the Nail Drink promises to fix) but they are ROCK SOLID and I haven’t suffered a break since I’ve been using it.


Here is a photo with no product on whatsoever (they are a little shiny as I’d just used a conditioning polish remover). They need filing and shaping, but I’ve decided not to do that until the full Nail Food course is over and I’m detirmined not to damage them any further.

Just so you remember what they used to look like…



I’ll be doing a full review of this stuff when my 6 week course is over. It does have its’ flaws but (I have to say at this stage) I’ve seen much greater results than it’s major market competitor, OPI Nail Envy.

Review: Avon SuperDrama Mascara


As I’ve mentioned before I’m quite a big fan of Avon mascaras. I don’t think you complain about the quality when you look at the price but the one thing that always gets my goat is the erratic pricing in Avon campaign brochures. One week you can pay £10 for a product, the next it’s 3 for £10, which I understand is how business works but I always need stuff the week it’s full price.

Anyway, I have found an answer to this problem. Lots of Avon reps list products on eBay at what seems to be the best price available. I purchased this, for the sake of experimentation, from Gemvtay_avon, the listing can be found here. It cost a mere £2.99 and as I bought a variety of items I paid 99p for p&p, still cheaper than paying £5 from a catalogue.



Avon believe they have broken the boundaries of mascara application with their new wand- rather than an applicator made of thousands of plastic or rubber bristles, this wand is made from miniature fan-shapes which promise to lengthen and volumise.



It’s a novel concept, one which I was keen to try and at £2.99 (cheaper than a “drugstore” mascara) I thought it was worth the expenditure. I wasn’t (completely) disappointed.

Firstly, this mascara takes ages to apply. I’m not talking two coats, you’ll need three coats to notice a difference here. Saying that, if you take the time to apply it properly you’ll find that it applies cleanly and precisely; every lash is coated evenly and the wand is both big enough to cover lash from root to tip but small enough to get into those niggly areas like inner corners and bottom lash line. Secondly, it neither clogs up or makes your lashes look spider-y. Thirdly, it isn’t uncomfortable, which I can only hope you understand when it comes to mascara, as it’s neither drying or overly hard (a problem I often find with the Avon Supershock). I didn’t experience and significant increase in volume, but I can forgive that from a product as cheap as this. besides, lengthening mascaras are fabulous for applying over false lashes as it won’t build up too much and make them look clumpy.

I apologise that these photographs are not brilliant, I only have my phone for examples, but can you see how my left eye looks wider and brighter than my right? My right eye looks a bit weird, a bit lazy (which I can assure you it is not!) (admittedly this is a terrible photograph of moi).



Dear lord, my head looks exceptionally round on this!

So, as a summary, for the low price I’m quite impressed. I didn’t witness any of the promised volume but I can certainly see length and, after 8 hours of wear, I see no major fault with this product. My eyes are still comfortable and my lashes looks as long and lustrous as when I took this photograph (although the rest of me does not). Definitely worth the £2.99 I paid for it and an item I can see me adding to my ever-growing collection of mascaras! Maybe not an every day item, due to the effort application demands, but one which I’ll take the time to apply on a special night out.

So it’s my hen night tonight…..


I’m currently sat here with hair dye on, teeth whitening strips in my gob and with one leg darker than the other as I mistakenly applied my fake tan to the same leg twice…..great.

I’m getting my hair done at 1, then have to come back and get changed, meet my friends to apply eyelashes on them as nobody can do it themself. The off out on the toon from 4pm onwards. It’s as draining as an actual wedding!!

Wish me luck everyone! If i’m not online tomorrow can somebody please make their way to the statue of John Lennon on Mathew Street in Liverpool, I’ll probably be handcuffed to it 🙂

Hope everyone else has a nice night x

TAG! Fantasy Dinner Party


You all Know the rules….

  1. 5 guests + yourself, relatives allowed but it’s more interesting if it’s a public figure.
  2. Dead or Alive
  3. Any language.
  4. Fictional characters allowed!

1. Dawn French


Just because I love her and I think she’d make great after-dinner conversation.

2. Lily Savage

Would keep the wine glasses topped up and knows all the tactics for getting gossip out of people.

3. Mick Jones (The Clash)

My favourite band ever. I was always a fan of Joe Strummer as a teen but as I’ve aged I’ve realised that it was Mick who wrote all the best songs. I bet he’s got some tales to tell.

4. Iain Banks


Because everyone needs a little intellectual conversation every now and then. Plus, I imagine he likes a drink.

5. Phil Lynott


I still find the Thin Lizzy front man a bit of an enigma, even after all the biographies, interviews and documentaries. It seems no one can quite agree as to whether he was an egotistical maniac or a tragic soul; I’d love to see for myself. (And I think he’s beautiful, so I could put up with egotistical maniac).

I tag: Crazy Train To Tinky Town, Sinful Stilettos and Cupcake Sakura.

Why am I doing this without the aid of a professional??


I usually find time to get to a beauty salon about once per month, maybe twice if I’m lucky. I’m happy to upkeep a lot myself in between trips but one thing I’ve always been worried about is dying my own eyebrows. I have dark brown lashes and black hair, I really don’t feel right when they don’t match and although I fill my brows in every morning before work I never trust them to stay in place on hot summer days.

So I decided to be brave and invested in the Eyelure Dylash kit in Black, approx £6.50 from Superdrug or Boots. Annoyingly, mine didn’t come with instructions so I did the totally sensible thing of just guessing what I should do.


It comes with an activating solution, a tube of dye, a useless little mixing dish and a teeny cocktail stick for mixing with, a mascara/brow brush and those weird little paper things that go under your eye.

Here are my brows, pre- dye.

They need tidying up with some tweezers but I figured I’d do that afterwards.

I completely surrounded my eye (rather excessively) with Vaseline and took the time to draw out the desired shape around my brow. Mixing the dye was quite hard without instructions- 5 drops of activating solution and 2cm of dye (which I found to be quite vague). I also found it totally impossible to just get 5 drops out of the dropper bottle, so I’d recommend doing that first so you can pour away any excess without losing dye paste. It took a while to get it to what I considered a standard consistency, even then it seemed a little too watery.

I then splodged the dye on all over the brow, then carefully took a cotton bud to tidy up the shape. This is where the vaseline came in handy as it actually aided the removal of excess dye.

I brushed my brows through with the mascara wand to make sure the dye was evenly distributed evenly and left it for about 15 minutes, a time I casually guessed at from my professional brow dye experiences. I spent the 15 minutes listening to my other half constantly question how good an idea this was, had he not been there I might have left them for 20.

I then washed through with two cotton pads soaked in warm water.


Et voila!


I don’t think this worked out too badly but I doubt I’ll be doing it again. For a start my stress levels were through the roof the whole time, as were Alex’s. Secondly, the colour really isn’t dark enough for my liking; I’m of the thought that MORE IS MORE! This looks a bit too natural for me. Thirdly, it only costs £12 for my standard eyebrow treatment and this cost me almost £7, plus I have to go anyway to get them waxed (something I definitely won’t be trying myself).

I also doubt I’ll be putting this on my lashes and my eyes started to sting and water when it was only on my brows! Props to you wonderful ladies who do this yourself at home, I have nothing but admiration for you!

EPIC Illamasqua Haul :)


It’s time for the gloating Illamasqua haul post!! Are you excited? ‘Cause I am!

I’m going to start by saying that all of these photos were taken on my cameraphone and I apologise at how unprofessional they are. I don’t have any “proper” cameras and I’m not very good with technology, but I really wanted to share swatches and offer my thoughts on a few of the products.

So here is what I got:

L-R: Satin Primer, Cream Foundation in 210
Rich Liquid Foundation: 120/150/215/320
Light Liquid Foundation: 115/133/150/200/210/233/240
I also got the Cream Foundation in 150 but it was waaaaaay too light for my so I gifted it to my BFF 🙂

Liquid Metal in Superior, Cream Blush in Betray
Sheer Lipgloss in Violate (green), Illuminator in Glimmer (Gold)
Illuminator in Fondle (Pink)
I also bought the Lipgloss in Electrify but my Mum snaffled it!!

Lipstick in Submit/Welt/Perilous/Drench/Tramp
I also bought Ignite but it was missing from my order 😦

Powdered Metal in Thalia (left) and Bebhionn

and a couple of samples of…

Freak Fragrance

OK, so first lets see some swatches…….

I actually bought 2 of these- 210 and 150, but the 150 was waaaaaay too light for me (I’m an NC25) and something that I’m ever unikely to use in my professional kit, so I gifted it to my BFF who was in dire need of a new foundation. I don’t really know how I feel about this yet. The 210 seems a lot thicker than the 150 and is also a lot more powdery. I don’t know if that’s because it’s old stock or whether the differences arise because of the colour but it puts me off becoming a long time user of this foundation. I also found the 210 quite drying on my skin, which says a lot because I’m quite oily and I use a selection of primers. I’m going to try this for a while and see where I get with it.

Splodged on, natural daylight.

Patted down, natural daylight.

As you can see, the Rich Liquid Foundation really doesn’t sheer out much when you apply it. It’s like ganache, really heavy coverage and something that I wouldn’t use on a daily basis but is great for a heavy coverage look. It can be sheered down with the aid of the Satin Primer and different application techniques have differeing affects on the finished look. I only got 4 colours in this as I can’t see me using is frequently, but this way I can hopefully mix a colour to suit my needs. Only £10 in the sale- really worth it. Will keep this in my kit as long as they make it especially as it makes a great concealer too 🙂

Splodged on, natural daylight.Patted down, natural daylight.

As you can see, this is a lot more natural looking than the Rich. It can be sheered down or built up easily and the colour variety is a lot more forgiving than the rich. Great daily wear coverage, perfect for most skin types and a much more “wearable” product, hence why I branched out on colours.

The first swatch is actually of the Satin Primer, not a foundation at all. It’s will be colourless when applied properly but could serve to pale down your foundation in winter. Must admit- i’m not 100% behind this product. It’s good enough but not the best primer i’ve ever tried, I probably won’t repurchase this.

In bright sunlight.

In natural daylight.

I have to start here by saying I have no idea why I bought a green lipgloss but it was only a fiver and it’s fun. I’m sure I’ll get some wear out of it someday. Saying that, I’m not too keen on the forumlation of this lipgloss but there really aren’t many that I am keep on. I imagine it has some great staying potential but it’s very tacky on the lips.

The cream blush in Betray is something I bought ‘just because’. I never get on too well with cream blush but I like the idea of them- I bought this at the sale price in the most natural colour available, I actually thought it might be too dark but I really like it. It has a sort of English Rose thing going on.

The Illuminators are beautiful colours but I’m reserving judgement for when I use them. I imagine the Glimmer would be best applied mixed into or underneath foundation; it is very pigmented. The Fondle seems to be much easier to work with and is a beautiful colour on the cheeks. I might actually buy the other 2 colours in this…it’s a lovely finishing product and would look fab with a tan.

I’m going to do a seperate review for the Liquid Metal so stay tuned for that!

Lipsticks- In bright daylight.

When the sun went in.

I looooooove these Lipsticks!! So creamy yet pigmented, they all feel really moisturising and the colours are so unusual. I’m thinking I may get a few more of these as the other colours didn’t seem to be “my” thing but now I’ve got them I can’t see me not liking one of them 🙂 Tramp is not a matte red, like Ruby Woo, so if you prefer that vintage matte look this will be no good for you. Nor is it overly glossy; it’s the kind of red I’d reserve for a daytime event. Or a cheek colour!! Both Tramp and Drench would make fantastic cheek colours.

In natural daylight- very hard to photograph!!

After buying these I actually had a mild panic that they would be really heavily pigmented and serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever! However, I am gladly mistaken. The photo above is actually a depiction of 3 layers of this product, the first layer is so subtle that the camera refused to pick it up! I used this on a client last weekend, as a decolletage shimmer and to highlight her shoulders and it looked lovely. I wouldn’t be scaredto brush this on the cheeks, especially in the summer months. At the moment, I’m undecided on which colour I prefer. I think I’ll get a fair bit of use out of both of them.

Although there is an Illamasqua in Liverpool, I chose to order all of this online because I am lazy. Orders over £45 qualify for free postage within the UK, so it didn’t add anything to my order, plus I’d been told by a friend that more is available online than in the store sale.

My first three orders were posted 2 days after ordering and I was emailed a tracking number. Illamasqua use a delivery system called Yodel whom I’d never come accross. My parcels were showing as being “out for delivery”, I expected that they would be there when I got in from work. When I got back, there was no card or anything to say they were with a neighbour, so I decided to check online to see what time Yodel deliver til; 2 of my 3 parcels were showing as being delivered, with the third still showing as “out for delivery”. I checked with my neighbours and round the back of the house, in case the driver had forgot to leave a card; nothing, so I called Yodel to query whether it may show as delivered when it was still on the van. No, it wouldn’t, but the parcels had been signed for at 13.50 at….oh, my address. By….oh, me. Strange given that I’d been in work all day. Yodel basically told me those 2 parcels were a write off- don’t expect them to arrive, speak to the company you purchased from.

At about 6pm that night the third turned up safe and sound, delivered by a man in a Ford Focus. I asked had he delivered the first two and he said no, just this one. He lives on my estate and gave me a number to call him directly if I was ever expecting a parcel, he’d make sure he kept an eye out for it at the depot and would see it always got to me safely. He told me some horror stories about Yodel and, to be honest, had I not struck a personal trust with this man I wouldn’t order from a company who use Yodel to deliver again.

Illamasqua replaced both orders immediately and I subsequently placed 2 more orders. Nothing has gone wrong since and everything has arrived safely. Their customer service team were quick and effective, other than their crap choice of delivery company they were spot on! Orders are generally dispatched 2 days after ordering and then will be received 2 days after that.

The only other problem I have is that I ordered Ignite lipstick and when it arrived it was actually Drench in the box. I already had 1 Drench so contacted Illamasqua by email on Thursday afternoon, I didn’t want to call as it’s a minor issue. They still haven’t got back to me so if I don’t hear by Monday I shall call them, as I would REALLY love that lippie 😦 Still, it is a genuine mistake, whoever packed my parcel would have read the label and thought it was correct.

So I hope you enjoyed this (unecessariy long) post! I’ll be doing a seperate review of the Liquid Metals next so if you are an illamasqua fan then please share your opinions 🙂