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I’m married :)


And I realise I’ve been away for a very long time! It’s been stressful, but I’m back now.

The wedding went as planned and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. here are some photos for you:




The massive pre-wedding haul!


I get married in 6 weeks (eek!!) so have spent this week hauling like MAD! I guess the official beauty regime begins now 🙂

To start, I thought i’d splash out on some high end skincare. I’m getting a little bored of my usual day/night combo as I’ve started experiencing some bitching skin problems on my chin but, wary of venturing too far from “what I know” I’ve decided to stick with the Elemis Pro-Col Day Cream and switch from the Pro-Col night cream to the Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Night Cream (£54 from QVC UK).

I’m also going to try the Tri-Enzyme Gel Mask, which is a twice weekly mask that promises to “smooth and firm skin for a radiant complexion”. Also from QVC UK from £46 for 50ml- for that price it has best come good on those promises!

I’ll be using these alongside the Pro-Radiance Cleanser (£27.75 for 150ml, also QVC UK), which I find I can only use once a day or my skin becomes too oily, but I definitely see an improvement in the condition of my face when I use this for a prolonged period. Specifically, it helps to reduce my oversized pores.

From Illamasqua- I totally took advantage of the online Illamasqua sale and ended up with:

  • 7 Light Foundations
  • 4 Rich Liquid Foundations
  • 2 Cream foundations
  • 2 Powdered Metal powders
  • 2 Concealers
  • 1 Cream Blush
  • 1 Liquid Metal
  • 1 Primer
  • 3 Lipsticks
  • 2 Sheer Lipglosses

Which I know sounds an awful lot :s But working in makeup means I get to add these to my “kit” therefore making it a necessary rather than a compulsory purchase! As soon as this all arrives I shall do a haul post and share my thought on these products and the company as a whole.

From Laura Geller at QVC UK I bought:

  • Spackle Primer miniatures set
  • Full size original Spackle
  • Full Size Bronze Spackle
  • Bronze & Brighten colour correcting bronzer in Large and Standard sizes
  • Balance & Brighten Colour Correcting Foundation in Regular and Fair
  • Blush & Brighten in Boysenberry
  • Inkwell Gel Liner in Black and Purple
  • Brow Sculpting Marker in Taupe and Dark Brown
  • Mascara Duo
  • Eye Elements Eyeshadow & Highlighter Quad
  • Baked Cheek Dreams Highlighter and Blush in Neapolitan
  • Baked Brightening Powder in Ethereal Rose
  • Baked Marble Eyeshadow in Vanilla Toffee/Black Cherry
  • Eyeshadow Duo in Sateen Fresco/Mystic Sea
  • Baked Highlighter in Portofino

Now, I have to say a lot of these products were combined together in kits so i ended up with a couple of some things. Having opened everything in a moment of crazed excitement, I also can’t remember what came with what! But when I do my overview post I’ll try to piece the kits back together. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Laura Geller “face” cosmetics, although I must admit that some products- like the eyeshadows, don’t do anything for me in terms of either quality or colour selection.

The eyebrow markers and gel liners are a completely new product to me, never tried before! So I’m looking forward to having a bash at them.

I’m looking forward to spending some time messing with this all this week- now I get to waste my sunday covering myself in makeup. Woohoo!

A plea to the internet for help: where shall we go on our honeymoon?


My hubby-to-be and I are having  bit of a dilemma choosing a honeymoon destination. Having been together for quite some time (hitting 10 years with breaks in the middle) we’ve visited most of the European destinations we always aspired to see. Saying that, there are some European holidays that we’d like to try, I have a personal hankering for Greek island hopping and OH is keen to see some of the Baltic states.

But, being European ourselves, most of these destinations are a maximum 4 hour flight away and if we were savvy enough, we could visit them on a budget. With this being our honeymoon, we started wondering if maybe we should do someting a bit more out of the ordinary. We are quite well versed in European travel; should we push the boat out and see the Far East? Or try the legendary Route 66 adventure? But, the trouble is, when you start looking at these far flung places it’s just soooo hard to make a decision. So we come to you, the internet, for inspiration and recommendations.

The first thing we look for in a holiday is culture; we like experiencing new sights and sounds, smells and tastes. We enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city but would also appreciate some time relaxing on a beach- maybe a twin centre would be best for us? It has to be warm, there is only so much or the cold you can take being British! And, ideally, we’d like to spend at least part of the holiday in luxury, even if it’s just a couple of days. So if you have a suggestion for us please let us know so we can look into it! We are hoping to travel in September, time is ticking…..

Weddings: Is becoming a Bridezilla impossible to avoid?


I like to think of myself as a non-bridey kind of bride. By non-bridey, I mean traditional wedding dresses aren’t my thing and the idea of getting hitched surrounded by an entourage fills me with dread. Spending a small fortune on table dressing, favours, invites and such isn’t up my street either. Talking about it bores me even more than implementing it.

So when my OH proposed in September 2010 we planned to get married in 6 weeks. Together, we drew up a guest list of 35 close friends and family and decided on a simple registry office affair with a meal afterwards in our favourite restaurant. We expected that people might have a few drinks, a bite to eat and after lots of merriment we’d be thrown out at closing time. To invite these 35 people, we found a simple blue template on Vistaprint and that was good enough for us.

I found the perfect dress online at £150 (our greatest extravagance) and decided on 2 simple dresses for my flower girls. We picked out plain silver band rings from a local jeweler that didn’t cost the earth. I decided on a small bouquet of whatever flowers were available on the day, it would just die at the end of the day after all. All in all, our wedding was going to be low key, relaxed and all about our love for each other.

It seems I was a moron for thinking any of that was ever going to happen.

The first thing to go out of the window was our intimate guest list. My parents, both coming from large families, deemed it was imperative that we invited Aunt Edna’s uncles-brothers-sisters-aunts-cousins-niece and everyone inbetween. Our guest count went from 35 to 180 almost overnight, blowing everything from our budget to our plans for a Greek mezze.

I somehow ended up with 7 (yes, S E V E N) bridesmaids, H2B ended up with 8 groomsmen all of whom we had to dress on the day. My Mum came up with grand ideas for favours, place cards, cakes, invites…really everything that I hate about weddings. I started getting phone calls from long-lost relatives wondering if they’d be invited; “…and don’t forget your Uncle Zebedee will only eat steak!” they’d add.

And thence began the barrage or criticism posing as intrigue- “You won’t be having your Jedward hair will you?”, “Are you covering up that tattoo?”, “I suppose you’ll be losing weight?”. On and on it went, worsened by the fact that in order to pay for this spectacle my parents needed and extra 2 years of saving. I pushed for the original plan, but they had mind up. Their one and only daughter would be getting married “properly” and it would take a family rift to dissuade them of that.

So, for all this time I have put up with wedding talk for the sake of my Mother, who (it seems) appears to think she is the one getting married, and now that we are nearly there and I’ve got so much to do, these people who offered their services in the first place are nowhere to be found and I find myself tying 7mm ribbon around 180 favours myself. Inevitably, someone always wades in the last moment and suggests something “much better” or “much more wedding appropriate” (I personally see nothing wrong with having the Kraken on your wedding cake) and it’s at that moment when the transformation occurs. So next time someone calls you a Bridezilla, direct them to this blog and point out that Bridezilla’s are made, not born.